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Choosing the Best Winter Holiday Destination


Picking Your Winter Destination

From Sunny Beaches to Snow Topped Mountains
I am so pleased to finally feel some cold weather. I adore the warmer months and being able to wear shorts whenever I like, but there is something so cosy, festive and comforting about wrapping up in scarves, cable knits and long coats. I feel like my style really comes into its own at this time of the year. But it’s also amazing to escape for a few days, picking a sunny destination and giving your shorts one last wear for the year.

I know that a lot of people love to jet away for the winter, often opting for Christmas in the Bahamas, New Years Eve on a beach in the Indian Ocean or just a few weeks in November or December to walk bare foot on the sand. But there are so many, like me, who also love to visit somewhere with snow topped roofs, jacuzzis outside in the snow and somewhere to feel Christmassy and festive. And so, after visiting A LOT of destinations this year, I figured I’d round up my favourites and offer a recommendation for where I would visit for a winter getaway.


After just arriving home from the Maldives, I must admit that the weather this year was the worst I have seen it. I went to the Maldives last October for the first time, and whilst we did get intermittent showers, the sunshine and blue skies were practically always there. Yet, this time the sunshine really didn’t want to come out to play due to the monsoon season. I was under the impression that monsoon season was from August to September, but apparently it lasts throughout May to November. And whilst I don’t want to put you off visiting the Maldives in the Summer, and also the less expensive months of the Maldivian year, you must be aware that you may not get the same amazing weather. I also visited the Maldives last March-April and it was perfect throughout our entire stay. It really does change the overall Island experience. So, the Maldives is high up on my list of places I feel everyone should visit and see at least once, but if you really want the sunshine, you might want to choose mid November to April.


You don’t need me to tell you just how beautiful Santorini is. It is unique and breathtaking, with too many picture perfect moments to count. And whilst it is amazing in the summer due to the glorious weather, I can imagine this is equally as beautiful in the winter months. You will still get the gorgeous scenery and views, but with a touch less heat, far less tourists and much better prices. If you’re happy to just head off for a retreat, and aren’t bothered about it being necessarily hot, then this would be high on my list of escapes. Definitely have a peek at this post to see where I stayed in Santorini, and where I would highly recommend!

South Tyrol.

The one place that I am eager to return back to, out of all of the trips I have been on this year, would be South Tyrol. Me and Alex were totally blown away by how stunning everything was, from the buildings to the scenery, and were truly sad to have to leave the Vigilius Hotel. But in winter, this will take on a completely different feeling, with everything coated in snow and summer activities becoming ski and snowboard based. But this place is truly a hidden gem. It may be a good two hour car journey from the airport, but when you get there and you see those views, and head into the local town of Merano, you will fall head over heels for this place!


I have been to Paris more times than I can count, this year. I love it there, and every time I go I get to experience something new, often because of the company I am with. But there are just so many things to do in Paris, from sightseeing to just walking along the river through the city hand in hand. This post rounds up the things I would recommend to do with just 24 hours in Paris. And for Christmas, Paris is just magical and even more special. Make sure you pack your warm clothes though, as this place gets truly icy, but it all just adds to the magic.


I am an extreme sports addict. I don’t look it, but I love nothing more than white water rafting, rock-climbing and skiing. It’s just a shame that I don’t get to do them so much, due to where I live. But skiing is the one winter sport I would love to play every single winter. Last year we headed to Morzine and had one of the most incredible trips. Me, Alex, Leon and Carly and a bunch of cool journalists, all chilling in a cabin in the mountains and heading to the slopes throughout the day. Have a peek at this post for a little more info – it was seriously out of this world. A stunning cabin, ski passes, an in house chef that was absolutely outstanding and the most stunning views of Morzine. It was a total dream.


I cannot believe that a year has already passed since I treated my brother to a surprise trip to Iceland for his 30th birthday. It was a trip I will never forget and we packed so much into this trip that I feel we did a lot of the main hot spots. If you’re looking for a cold, wintery spot for a late year getaway, I truly recommend you visit Iceland. Its cold and sometimes rainy, but also very snowy, and when it snows this is a winter wonderland. There’s just something so cosy and quaint about Iceland, with most of the town having little cafes, restaurants, bars and cute shops to explore. We always found the cutest places to grab a coffee or an evening meal and just felt so at home here.

Where do you fancy flocking to for the winter?

Shot taken at the beautiful Mirihi Island Resort, 40 minutes by sea plane from Male and a full barefoot holiday experience from start to finish. I couldn’t recommend it more!

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