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How to Prepare for London Fashion Week

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Getting Ready for LFW

With the Maje FW16 Collection
It feels like only a month has passed since we wrapped up the last fashion month. I finished off my time in Paris last year, having enjoyed the best fashion weeks I had ever attended, and looking forward to a few quieter weeks to write up all of my outfits and events for the blog. Fashion week, regardless of whether you spend it in New York, London, Milan or Paris, is that time of the year that really shakes up everyone’s schedule and inspiration. As much as I slightly worry about how much time I have available to transport between shows, watch every show on my itinerary, capture and photograph all of the outfits and have time to sit down, I also love every moment. It truly gets me excited about writing again, styling myself for the next season and gives me such a feeling of pride to be working in a wonderfully innovative industry.

It is the most exciting time in the fashion calendar, where we get to view what we could be wearing for the following season. This September, we will be viewing the Spring Summer 2017 collections and in some cases, buying them directly from the catwalk. A number of high fashion brands are leading the way in that innovation and I think it is one of the most intelligent tools for brands in the current digital age. Whilst everyone is encapsulated in the buzz of the show, they can purchase the products they are viewing before them, to be delivered the following season when they are manufactured. It truly is forward thinking for the fashion industry and just an inclination into how this fashion age is most probably headed.

But I digress. Fashion week is an extremely exciting time, but it can be a little daunting for those that are new to this whole thing and attending for the first time and therefore I thought you might just like a few pointers.

Outfit Planning

Fashion Week is about fashion, individuality, styling and personality. So many people go along to watch the fashion week buzz from outside, people-watching and style photographing anyone they feel has a Instagram worthy outfit. For me, I like to plan all five outfits, for each day that I attend, ahead of time, and I take photographs of them all laid out for me. That means that when the second day arrives and you’re waking up at 6am to get dressed, you don’t have a last minute panic to choose something to wear. I tend to buy all of my outfits a week or so before, get them all ready in one area of my wardrobe and then start piecing them together.

You can wear whatever you like! I just tend to wear anything I feel is on trend for this season or that I feel really suits my style at the time. It really does not matter what others think of you, but I love the idea that the fashion weeks really push me to select my very best outfit choices and feel inspired.

This outfit is just one option for my London Fashion Week. I have never worn over knee boots with shorts to fashion week before, but I always love how gorgeous everyone else looks in this style, so I decided to rock it. And totally loved it. These Maje Over Knee Boots are such an easy piece to wear, super comfy and can be worn with so many pieces for the season. Mini dresses, midi dresses, shorts, skirts, black trousers and jeans can all be paired with over knee suede boots like this and really give you the chance to make it your own. Plus the lower heel means that you won’t feel like you’re overdoing it!

For more outfit inspo, have a look at my Maje Edit on their site!


Get yourself in the fashion week zone and figure out what you’re going to need on the days you are there. If you’re attending the shows, you’re most likely going to want your camera with you. Have you also packed an extra battery or another memory card. And do you have a bag big enough to carry everything, but small enough that you’re not going to need the whole bench to place it somewhere? The Maje Vendome Bag is such a perfect size! Large enough to carry all of my essentials and my camera due to its bucket shape and can be worn over my shoulder if its all getting a little too heavy! Here is a list of items you might like to pack into your bag:

A Portable Phone Charger

Phone Charging Cable

Camera, Extra Memory Card and Battery

Notepad and Pen

Mirror for touch ups – the mirror on the back of my iPhone is the best thing I ever bought!

Business Cards



A healthy snack bar for when hunger strikes

Compeed Blister Pads

Tiny Perfume


Fashion Week requires so much of your time during and especially before each day. The best thing I ever learned to do was to organise my diary efficiently. Every ticket invitation or event invitation, as soon as I’ve accepted to attend, it goes straight into my phone diary. The location gets entered, the exact time I need to be there, my seat number, the time the show starts and the name of the person who invited me. I would then also start to map out my journey across the day. I prefer to get Ubers from show to show so I like to know how much time I will need to get from A to B. If I’m not going to be able to make it in time, I would email the brand back to let them know that unfortunately I cannot make it. You don’t want to upset someone by not attending the show they have taken weeks and months to organise – and someone else could use your seat!

Organising your diary is so key to making the most of the days. In the past I haven’t organised well enough and have been scrolling my phone emails for locations and addresses last minute in a panic. It just ruins your day when you could be breezing from show to show without any hassles.

For even more tips on how to attend LFW and survival tips for the week, have a peek at the linked article I wrote a year or so ago. Are you looking forward to the LFW coverage this season, or are you attending yourself? It is such an exciting month for fashion, and I feel so grateful to be a part of it. I can’t wait to show you more of my outfits over the week!

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