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Armani Prima: Make Your Makeup Look Better and Last Longer


Armani Prima Skincare

How to Make Your Makeup Look Better and Last Longer
Location: Armani Hotel, Milan
Earlier this year, I was in Paris with Armani Beauty for Couture week, and during that wonderful trip I was given an exclusive look at the brand new Armani Prima skincare range, soon to be launching later in the year. Luckily for me, and for all of you guys, Armani Prima is finally available, from today, and after testing the range for the last few weeks, I couldn’t wait to review the collection! Let’s just say that this skincare range has pushed all of my other facial treats to the side and proudly taken their place as my first love. They’re literally sat right next to me now as I type this, sat on the part of my desk where I leave all of my morning skincare; and I know they won’t be replaced any time soon.

The range is not only aesthetically beautiful (the packaging makes me swoon), but really does hold a range of incredible skincare products. Armani have delivered a collection of skincare that works with your makeup to make it look better and last longer, prepping the skin for the purpose of makeup application.

Armani Prima Serum

The Armani Prima Smart Moisture Serum was the first of the line that I initially tried. I had it for an extra week before testing out the other products in the range, and this is what initially started my obsession. The serum is applied all over the face with the fingertips whilst delivering a targeted concentration of moisture to varying areas on your face, depending on their needs. For instance, if you find the skin on your cheeks are dry, the product delivers more moisture to such areas via ‘cellular hydrocaptors’ that hold more water molecules in the areas of the face that need it most. Hence why this is ‘Smart’.

The formulation contains hyaluronic acid and crimson sea-weed, hence the luminosity and high moisture levels this provides throughout the day, plus this absorbs rapidly into the skin in a wonderful light-weight texture.

In the mornings when my skin feels more dry and tight after cleansing, my skin laps up the moisture from the Smart Serum. It is a wake up call for the skin and creates a perfect base for foundation. The skin feels more comfortable and fresh, hydrated and retains a dewy glow that lasts all day. During trials, daily use was also found by 71% of users to help the skin feel re-plumped, luminous (77%) and with a more even complexion (85%).

I showed this to my mum last week in a frenzy of excitement and she too was wowed by the application and comfort. This is a big hit and I never want my 30ml bottle to run out!

Armani Prima Balm

The Armani Prima Glow-On Moisturising Balm may actually have blown my mind even more than the Serum. I really don’t want to annoy you with superlatives in this post, but I haven’t been so excited in a new range in a very long time. And its hard to express that in words.

The Prima balm is the key product in the line; probably because it is likely to be one of the most popular due to its patented formula and incredible texture. The product was formulated to enhance the glow of the skin and to provide maximum moisture that lasts 24 hours. The texture is of a semi-firm balm rather than a creamy moisturiser, which, on application onto the skin begins to almost melt lightly into a workable emulsion. As you can see from the image of me touching the surface of the balm, the product is soft and workable yet without the generic texture of a cream or gel. It is unique and wonderful to apply and this is why I am head over heels.

The balm contains Hyaluronic Acid, again for continuous hydration, as well as Glycerin to aid skin plumping. But the product is enhanced more so by a “Liquid Mirror” complex, which prolongs the reflection of light on the skin, enhancing the skin’s radiance. And I wouldn’t mention such a technical description if I hadn’t noticed this myself. A few days this week, on no makeup days, I have applied the serum followed by the balm onto to my skin and my skin actually glows. And for make-up days, my foundation applies faultlessly above the balm whilst still appearing glowing and radiant. I am a true advocate for this product and I can’t tell you just how many of you will fall in love with this texture, consistency and finish on the skin, if you give this a try.

Armani Prima Eye and Lip Contour

The Eye and Lip Contour Perfector is a skin perfecting formula for the lips, the contours of the lips and under the eyes (but not for use on the eyelids). The product reduces dark circles and under eye puffiness with continued usage due to Buckwheat extract and Haloxyl, which stimulate the skin. Glycerin is again used, alongside Jojoba butter to provide intense hydration, lifting effects and to reduce fine lines under the eyelids and around the lips. I apply this gently to my under eye circles with my ring finger for a softer application, as well as to the contours around my lips. This can also be used as a lip balm, which makes this a genius double usage product. It creates a great base for lipstick, or can be used above lipstick to mattify and nourish.

Armani Prima Perfector

The Armani Prima Day-Long Skin Perfector is what I would describe as the priming product of the range. It is that product you would apply for the purpose of smoothing, targeting shine and reducing pores, and therefore will probably take the place of a primer in the Prima user’s regime. I know that this is how I use it. It contains an active ingredient, “Prima Skin Complex” which is lipophilic to absorb sebum (providing mattifying effects) and hydrophobic to repel sweat, and therefore it helps to regulate the water levels on the skin’s surface.

The texture is milky and comfortable to apply, again with the beautiful, floral scent that runs throughout the collection. And whilst this can be applied over the balm, or your moisturiser, to act as a priming coat, it can also be used beneath the moisturiser on targeted areas that you wish to smooth and mattify. After speaking with an Armani Makeup Artist behind the scenes of the Armani show, she told me that she often applies the Perfector over the serum to specific areas of the face before letting it sink in for three minutes. This will enable the priming properties to work on the targeted areas, whilst the balm over the top will provide an enhanced glow, almost counteracting any mattifying effects. Oily areas of the face are kept clear of excess moisture whilst the rest of the face can appear dewy and glowing from the balm on top. Top tip!

Armani Make-up Fix

And to finish off your skincare and make-up regime, Armani Prima Refreshing Make-Up Fix is your final call. The spray works to set the make-up with a light veil to protect against external factors throughout the day, and to enhance the longevity of makeup. After I have applied all makeup, I use the Fix as my final step, to add further moisture back into the skin and to set everything in place for the day. But I also tend to spritz this throughout the day as a quick refresh, especially if I’m working at my desk. For best results, I spray the mist quickly over my face from around 30 cm away, spritzing around 6 times in a circular motion around the edge of my face, so that all angles of the skin are covered. This is probably because I love setting mists that I tend to use so much – you’re welcome to use as much as you please. But this certainly prolongs the longevity of my makeup throughout the day, and as a refreshing wake up spritz during the day, this is the product I’m reaching for.

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts! Like I stated, this range has seriously inspired my love for skincare again and I have not been so excited about a new collection for a long time. The products set out to work with your makeup for flawless coverage, skincare benefits and longevity, and they really do deliver. The whole range together is an absolute treat, but if you’re thinking of trying just one product, go with the type of product you feel you will use the very most. Do you need a new serum, or perhaps you fancy switching up your moisturiser for under makeup? Each product is fantastic and works in different ways, so it all depends on what you require. But for me, the Serum and Balm are outstanding. What do you think?

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