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How to Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day


We All Have Bad Days

I’ve been in a funk recently. Second guessing myself, worrying about the smallest things and in some cases, really thinking the absolute worst. Whilst often I can find myself feeling a little low and unsure, I have never felt so unsure as I have in the past few weeks. I don’t know what it is. I think it has something to do with the ever changing pace of this industry and the uncertainty and craziness of how the whole social world can be. Who’s to say what will happen to blogging and youtube videos in five years time. And whilst I adore reading blogs and watching videos, sometimes I can second guess myself as to whether others feel the same.

And thus, I think I’ve been feeling a little low due to my own anxieties and worries, and this is really unlike me. A change in the weather maybe. And after having a few weeks of a slump, I am back into full Victoria form. Happy, bubbly, sometimes over the top but generally with a smile on my face. I am like this the majority of the time, so it is ridiculously obvious to everyone when I’m having a bad day. I can’t even hide it. Carly spots it a mile off, every single time. I just come crashing down to earth it seems.

But you know what, that is really not a way to live when everything is actually really okay, and I get so fed up of myself feeling and acting that way. It brings everyone else around you, down with you. And those that don’t want to be dragged down, almost keep you at an arms length which feels even worse.

SO. What to do about it. It’s all about gaining some perspective. Have a read below at my tips for turning your day back on track.

Take a moment.

Focus on everything in your life that is absolutely amazing. In fact, make a list. Write down everything that puts a smile on your face. Family, your best friend, your favourite chocolate bar, a new pair of shoes, a fun night in bed with your partner. Whatever it is that keeps you feeling happier, write it down. And focus on those things. For me, I may be anxious at the moment about my career and not feeling good enough sometimes. But everything else around me is actually totally fine. In fact, technically perfect. And I have no need to feel so down in the dumps. My family are well and happy. My friends are living wonderful, happy lives, getting married, engaged, finding new jobs. But even on a utilitarian level, I have a roof over my head, water in my taps and a bed to sleep on, and that is a darn sight better than the majority of this world. I have nothing to moan about, technically. Yet on the other hand, we are individual humans with our own lives, and our issues are important, regardless of whether they are seemingly a lot smaller that the issues of our planet. It’s just about finding some perspective sometimes I think. Our lives or worries can get on top of us and we can feel like it’s the end of the world. But a moment of clarity and realisation is all we require.


Life is what you make of it and how you decide to live it. And walking around with a frown isn’t good for you or anyone else.


So, sit with your list of the happiest things in your life. And focus on those. Shut your eyes, think about all of the great things in your life, and breathe. Think positive thoughts and almost let the positive energy flow through you. Whether or not your feel like it, try smiling (you might want to be alone at this moment whilst you’re smiling at nothing). But hey, it really helps to upturn your mood. Is your worrying worth your time? Probably not. And you know, if it is, then perhaps you need to seek some professional help. If you’re ill or in need of someone to talk to, please go and seek that help. Worrying on your own is the worst thing you can do. Sharing a problem takes away half of your weight.

You just need to tell yourself that today is going to be a new day. With positive thoughts and positive changes.

When life throws you lemons, make some damn tasty lemonade.

How do you turn a bad day into a good day? Share your tips. I’m sure that some of you may need a little pick me up and it always helps to hear what everyone else has tried and tested. We all have bad days. Lets just work on making those days fewer and fewer.

Shots taken at the beautiful Daios Cove, Crete.  

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