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5 Things We Should Be Talking About


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What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen
A few weeks ago I was sitting down to dinner with a friend of mine and the discussion turned to how she had been coping with a few stresses that had reared their heads over the past 12 months. Some were total run of the mill life changes that had come about with mid 20’s life and others were a few unexpected things that had added to a fairly big year for her. As she spoke about how these things had affected her she started to describe how she was feeling a little overwhelmed by the cumulative mountain of changes and work/life stresses and opened up to me that she had chosen to seek help to calm her mind and deal with the anxiety she felt was slowly creeping into her everyday life. I listened and learned knowing that a problem shared is a problem halved and I suddenly thought about how lucky we were that as close friends we talk so openly about the things in our life that trouble us and how we reach out for help when we need it most, whether that be to each other or to someone more qualified. One thing I have kept with me and even used myself from the conversation my friend and I shared was the question ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen?’. She uses this to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and really work out whether her anxiety is justified or if she needs to rethink her approach/reaction to a certain situation. That’s even something I need to do from time to time and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve taken that with me. The topic quickly turned to how fortunate we are to have a friendship group were we feel safe and secure in talking about things with each other that I guess many would call ‘taboo’ and there came the inspiration for this post. Young or Old, Guy or Girl, we are all in this huge friendship group of a community and we shouldn’t be afraid to speak out about such common everyday things when your thoughts and questions may well just help someone else reach for the help they so need or want. You are not alone. Here are the 5 things I wish we all spoke about more often.



From Anxiety to Depression, from Eating Disorders to OCD and much more it’s highly likely that one way or another we will experience the effects of Mental Health. Mental Health issues often don’t follow patterns or sets of rules to allow for a simple diagnosis and they certainly don’t discriminate about which 1 in 4 of us they will affect. Listening is such an important part of the first steps to help and we shouldn’t be afraid of sharing our worries before they become too much for us. You should also never be afraid to seek help from a professional when you no longer feel able to hold on to everything yourself.  If you don’t feel you are in a situation to share your worries or stresses with friends/family or manage them yourself, there are some wonderful places out there such as the Mental Health Foundation where you can find places and people to help. Let’s talk about Mental Health.



We all know we should do it, we all tell ourselves we’ll do it but do we ever stick to our word? The big C won’t politely wait for us to check our boobs, balls and everywhere in between. It’s so so important that we check ourselves out on a regular basis to ensure we know our bodies well enough to give us a good chance to notice any changes. There are some amazing charities out there such as CoppaFeel who will even give you a little reminder when it’s time to check yourself out and give you tips on what you should be looking for! Guys, it’s just as important for you too! 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime but so will 400 men a year. Don’t leave it too late and if you do find something irregular, head to your Doctor to check it out further, better to be safe than sorry. Let’s talk about Cancer.


& Smears

The dreaded time of the month and maybe not something we avoid talking about as much but as soon as something is a little out of the ordinary, I feel like the conversation stops. Full stop. Yes periods are totally not fun, yes hormones can be awful but the more we talk about them, the more we can decipher when we may need to take a little time for ourselves. Or even when we may need to head to the Doctors. Any changes can be the first sign that something might be a little wrong; even before you hit the age of regular smears! Don’t avoid going for your smear tests! As soon as that letter drops through the door, get that appointment made, it’s not worth risking your life. Let’s talk about periods.



Okay so absolutely no one in the world likes talking about tummy troubles, but the fact of the matter is that we all have them from one time to another, and some more than others. From past experience and from thinking back to the many conversations friends and I have had, I’d say the biggest tip here is to look after your body. A friend of mine with IBS knows exactly what triggers her and exactly what foods to eat to soothe her, and although it might be hard to stick to a restricted menu, your body and stomach will be healthier and happier in the long run. If you find that your stomach issues are prolonged and are starting to affect your everyday, then make sure you take a trip to the Doctors. They can refer you to a specialist or offer some advice on how to adjust your diet or lifestyle. Let’s talk about Stomach Problems.



As I was sitting down to write this I coincidentally came across a post on one of my socials about how I was ‘Too skinny and should eat a burger’. Charming. I personally have come on leaps and bounds with the confidence I have gained around my body and my ability to hold myself confidently in situations where I previously couldn’t. On the same track, being on the internet can sometimes push me back a step hearing comments like that and comparing myself to others, but the truth is that we should be lifting each other up and using each other as healthy inspiration. I can’t tell you how much it helps me when a friend goes out of their way to say I look well or how much I help myself by focusing on the parts of me that I love. Yes we can go to the gym, dress fashionably and nourish our bodies, but our first step to body confidence has to come from inside. We are all beautiful and none of us are perfect. Let’s talk about Body Confidence.

Don’t worry cause now I got your back.

And every time you feel like crying, I’m gonna try and make you laugh.

And if I can’t, if it just hurts too bad, then we will wait for it to pass.

And I will keep you company, through those days so long and black.

Bright Eyes – Bowl Of Oranges

Are there any topics you think we should be talking about more? Is there anything specific you would like to see feature on the blog in the future? I’d love to hear what you think!

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