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4 Ways to Wear Colour

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All the Colour

Colourful clothing… what, something other than black?! Yep, I’m talking about those clothing pieces you pull out of your wardrobe, that do not reside in the neutral colour spectrum. Beige, grey and black are usually very easy to wear and style. They can make us look slimmer or more refined. I mean, the LBD became the popular female choice for a reason. And in honesty,  I too head towards my black wardrobe pieces when I’m fancying a chilled out day.

But there is so much that can be said for a brighter colour palette. It truly can make you look younger for a start. I remember that for years my Mum wore darker colours and then became a little disheartened with her wardrobe. And I remember turning to her and saying, why don’t you buy some key colourful pieces to mix into your style. They will add a new dimension to your wardrobe, help you create a multitude of outfits, will lighten your own mood, make you look younger and will also probably alter the perceptions of those around you. And honestly, when she listened and began to introduce more colour into her wardrobe, I really started to see her loving fashion so much more. It helped her show off more of her personality and she truly looked more youthful!

Colour can seem daunting to many people, but there are a number of ways to introduce colour into your wardrobe without losing your identity. Here are just 4 ways to wear colour!

The Statement Ensemble

I will start with this first, seeing as it is the most daunting. And I’m showing you how it’s done in the pictures. I’m wearing head to toe Ted Baker, featuring a jumpsuit, bag and heels from their gorgeous new collection, Colour by Numbers. And you’ll probably notice, there is no black in sight. For those that wear black constantly, this will be something you may be totally afraid of, but you never know if you don’t try. A whole ensemble of colour from head to toe is a brave choice, but a fun choice. It adds personality, a happy, lively feel to the outfit and oozes confidence. As long as you get the colour palettes right, or you feel all the colours suit each other well, then why not throw some colourful pieces together? Pair contrasting colours together, or match pastel tones into a light, springtime collection. Use tones of the same colour, incorporating light blues with dark blues and incorporate colours that will sit well alongside the shades. There is no real rulebook on styling – just what you feel personally looks acceptable and harmonious.

Here I paired this beautiful Ted Baker Jumpsuit in a blue and white, patterned fish print with matching printed heeled sandals in a contrasting shade of bright orange. Orange and blue are one of my favourite colour combinations. But the blue fish print on the shoes matches them to the jumpsuit as a quaint set. Then for the accessory, the bag utilises pastel shades of pale grey and light pink with a touch of dark blue purple. The lighter shades worked with the summery feel of the jumpsuit whilst the darker blue worked with the blue of the jumpsuit.

Pop of Colour

This has got to be the easiest way to wear some colour. If you can’t stray too far from your black biker jacket and jeans, why not accessorise with a pop of colour. The least scary – a bright coloured bag. Maybe a pop of bright yellow, fuchsia or even a subtle easy red. But at least it can show off a little more personality and fun with your outfit. If you’re loyal to your favourite black tote though, then why not try out some colourful shoes? Red heels, stripes or spots of colour on flats or some multicoloured stilettos. Mix it up a bit. Or for the braver among you, throw on a bright coloured lipstick for a confident touch.

Large Blocks of Colour

I’m talking splashes of colour you can’t escape! Think a bold, colourful jacket that you can wear with everything. A baby blue biker jacket, a long camel coat, a navy blue blazer, a rust red bomber jacket. Just a block of colour to add to your outfit to spice up the tones. You can still wear all black underneath, but some colour as your statement piece will make all of the difference!

One Colour Highlight

And on the flipside, just pairing your all black outfit with one piece of coloured clothing, poking out from beneath your black jacket. A colourful blouse or shirt, a blush toned camisole, bright blue trousers, white jeans, khaki cut off skinnys. They’re all super flattering and easy to wear if you find the style that suits you. And work so easily with black; you won’t know why you didn’t try out the styles even sooner.

On the days when I’m feeling a blackout, I often throw on a white shirt, a blue cami or a statement bright bag just so I don’t feel too dark.

How do you prefer to wear colour? Do you tend to shy away from wearing too much or do you love to embrace the brighter shades? I’m sure you all know by now that I’m not scared at all by colour; I mean I used to have pink hair and wear it with an all pink outfit. But these are just some ways to step out of the dark side and inject some light and colour. I hope it helps!

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