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How I Got My Smile Back


I Found My Smile

Gaining the Confidence to Smile Again
Rewind to January 2016, when I was so fed up with how my teeth looked that I had lost all confidence to smile. I thought I concealed it with just a cute closed mouth smile in every photo, but people started to notice that I never truly grinned. My Dad kept on telling me to smile properly, and yet it had been years since I felt like I could. My teeth just didn’t look the way I wanted them to.

From the age off about 13-16, I had train track braces. My teeth looked fabulous, until I decided that I actually wouldn’t wear my retainer at night. The retainer being the device that would keep my teeth from moving back to their previous position. Instead, I was too concerned with the fact that it might put off my boyfriend to see me wearing braces before bed. How silly I was. So I stopped wearing the retainer all together, and after 6 months the damage was done. I could no longer fit my retainer over my teeth because they had already moved too far. If I could go back in time and shake myself, I truly would…

Fast forward to now, nearly 11 years on, and I am a proud wearer of braces for a second time. And not the Invisalign removable sort either. The full on metal stuck to my teeth type braces. But the reason you may not be aware as of yet is because they are Lingual Braces, attached to the back of my teeth.

I started my treatment on January 7th at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic. Just on your way into Marylebone area off of Harley Street, the clinic is situated in a gorgeous townhouse and with a really calm and relaxed ambience inside. The staff could not be more friendly and wonderful either, I always walk out of there with a smile on my face. And the man behind the magic, Dr Asif Chatoo, really makes you feel comfortable and assured. I honestly have never felt so relaxed when visiting a clinic.

I still have a year or so to go for my particular treatment, as I had a lot of issues I wanted fixing. For me, I needed my top and bottom set of teeth moving into new positions. And it’s so funny when I look back now at videos pre-January, as my teeth were actually even worse than I was thinking they were. And I only know that now because of the changes I have seen so far. My middle two teeth are now straight and aligned and my lower set of teeth are all sat neatly in a row. Whereas before, they had all moved into their own comfortable positions out of formation and were really bothering me. I was spending too much time editing my videos and hating the way my mouth looked, and it all just came to a point where I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I really want to give you an idea of costs for Lingual Braces, as I know it will be on your mind if you are interested. But I unfortunately don’t really have an individual answer, as everyone’s issues will be different. You may only need braces on your upper teeth for example and perhaps you won’t need them for less than a year. And all of this will alter the costs for your particular treatment. Lets just say that for my particular treatment, with braces on the upper and lower set of teeth for around 18 months, you are looking at a cost of around £8500.

And whilst this may be a touch pricier than Invisalign or other forms of dental work, of course not including aesthetic work, there are so many pro’s to this treatment that had me desperate to choose this over anything else. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t want to have to take anything in and out of my mouth every day or evening. I wanted something permanent that would constantly be doing its work. And with this, your braces are tightened and checked with each 6 week appointment, so you’re constantly seeing movement and change. It only took about 4 months for me to see a vast improvement in my teeth, so I cannot wait to see what they look like after 18 months.

And the best thing about it is that it cannot be seen. Unless I laugh frantically and tilt my head back in front of you, you probably won’t ever notice that I’m wearing metal braces and wires. I mean, of course it can be a bit painful if you constantly tongue your braces after eating, or a bit sore after each tightening. Your tongue is sat right next to the braces and wire so of course it takes some getting used to. For me around 2 months really. But I’m more than happy to go through all of that in order to get perfect teeth that will stay perfect long after the braces are gone again.

And now I am just so over the moon that I feel confident enough to smile again. I literally hated the idea of opening my mouth to smile in photographs as all I could see were slanted teeth and incorrect alignment. But you may have noticed over the last few months I have been beaming. I cannot tell you how pleased I am. You may need to get used to me smiling a lot more from now on!

I’ll be doing a full write up of the treatment next year when it is all completed. But I just wanted to give you a bit of information on it now. After seeing how many photographs I was smiling in recently, I knew I wanted to fill you in on what exactly I was so happy about. If you’d like any more information though now, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! So many of you have already told me how much better my smile looks since the treatment and I’m over the moon! Let me know what you think!

Oh and by the way, these shots were taken about 6 weeks ago on my trip to Disneyworld, staying at the Disney Boardwalk Inn! I can’t tell you how much fun me and Carly had there, but its taken me all this time to finally get the photos to you! Hope pretty is this dress with the strappy Gianvitos?! Have a peek at the video of the trip if you like!

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