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8 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence Overnight

Conrad Rangali, Maldives

Overnight Transformation

This is for those times when you stare at yourself in the mirror and wonder what on earth has happened to you that day. In fact I had this moment last week, when I wandered into my bathroom and the person in the mirror was a shadow of my former self, one month previous. Exaggerated obviously. But that’s how I felt. Of course I’ve had a flat move and three trips in the past month, BUT, there was no excuse for how bedraggled and underwhelming I looked. And with a few events, meetings and trips coming up in the days following, I needed a quick recharge. A complete overhaul to get me back to my perky, positive, confident self.

I remember I turned to Alex and said, ‘I seriously need some sleep, a shower and a lot of makeup,’ and you know what, they were just a few of the things that certainly helped. And for those days when you too are struggling, feeling a bit low and unsure how to get yourself out of the funk, here are my tips for brightening up your day and your mood. Plus, kicking your confidence up a few notches!

A Quick overnight confidence boost
A Quick overnight confidence boost
A Quick overnight confidence boost
A Quick overnight confidence boost


If it’s early in the day and you have your realisation that you need to make a quick change, make sure the food you eat that day reflects a more switched on and aware mindset. Although you won’t see any physical improvements from just one day of great food, you can definitely make a change to your mental state at least. Stick to the fresh, healthier side of the food spectrum and eat a little earlier if you can. And it goes without saying, say no to the alcohol that day and hello to your litres of water.


The shower is probably a very good idea. When I’m down in the dumps, a shower really does have a knack of waking me up and clearing up my mood somewhat. It almost rinses away your bad mood and you can come out of the shower with a new positivity. When you’re in there, use your favourite eye and face masks to be working away at your under eyes. And why not take care of your body hair while you’re in there and lather yourself in your favourite body lotions afterwards. You’ll be super soft and silky smooth!

A Quick overnight confidence boost


You’re in the shower, so you might as well wash your hair too. A full and complete clean will make you sure you start entirely from scratch the next day. Get your favourite shampoos, conditioners and treatments into the shower and pamper yourself!


One of the main things I go to when I need a little body and skin pick me up, is some bronze. When my skin is looking dull and dehydrated, I use a touch of Dior Bronze and Glow or Xen Tan Facial Tanner overnight before bed and in the morning my skin is looking bronzed, glowing and my complexion enhanced.


And if you’re a fake tan kinda gal, a full body tanning session could be just the thing. I know the majority of times when I’m feeling fed up and tired, some fake tan can really boost my mood and confidence. I go out the next day feeling like a golden goddess and like a new version of myself.

A Quick overnight confidence boost
A Quick overnight confidence boost


Why not do something new with your hair that day. Try a new style that you’ve seen someone teach on Youtube, or maybe just curl or straighten your hair. Just change it up from what you do most of the time. Seeing yourself in a new way for the day could help to perk you up.


Make use of all of your favourite things. Your best makeup, your prettiest lingerie, you new clothes and shoes you just picked up. Why save them for a special occasion when you need something to help you out right now. Pick out your favourite pieces and wear them all together. I’m sure you’ll feel so much better.


Sleep. Take much more time to get some Z’s than your last few nights. Put down your phone and get a really early night. Drink a glass of water to hydrate your body overnight and give yourself some well deserved beauty sleep!

A Quick overnight confidence boost

What are your top tips when you’re in a rut and need a pick me up? I find doing all of these steps together is what really helps to turn things around and get me back to 100% again. I feel revitalised, positive and confident afterwards and all it takes is one night and a more positive attitude.

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