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The Evolution of Blogging

Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

Telling your Life Story

This past week I ended up in Dallas, Texas. I know, a rather random location from the usual holiday destinations I’ve been travelling to in recent months. But I was attending a blogging conference there, with hundreds of other bloggers from around the globe. 200 blogging creatives with similar creative minds and a love for fashion, beauty, interiors and travel. And it was during the conference that I was personally asked to talk about my own blogging experiences. The topic was story-telling and the evolution of our blogs.

Up until this point, I had never really thought in depth about the way that my blog has evolved. It started 3 and (almost) a half years ago during a time when I felt starting a blog would be a fun way to talk about the subjects I really loved. And the way it looked and felt then, was quite different to now. The focus was different, the layout was different and of course the content was extremely different. And after attending the conference and chatting about my blog’s life story in such detail, I figured I wanted to talk some more on the matter.

conrad maldives inthefrow
conrad maldives inthefrow

I guess right at the beginning, my thoughts were to start a beauty blog. I enjoyed reading both beauty and fashion, but then I was in a stage of absolute obsession when it came to the expansion of my makeup and skincare collection. I had become privy to all of this opinionated information regarding beauty products that I had no idea existed online, and as soon as that can of worms was open, I was hooked! I would spend hours every night reading blog posts and finding reviews for the latest releases and totally immersed myself in the whole industry. And finally after six months, I decided to create Inthefrow. I set up a web page on blogger, opened up all the social channels to match and went ahead designing something I could be proud of. And the hundreds of blog posts came right after that.

coach dinky red
isabel marant sandals inthefrow

After a few months, I finally plucked up the courage to start talking about the clothing I was buying and how I was wearing it. I was studying a fashion PhD and had been educated in fashion for over 6 years, and yet the thought of including fashion wasn’t a primary thought for me. Yet, time went on and my obsession shifted to fashion once again, and fashion became a secondary topic alongside the constant beauty postings.

And its funny that even now, I speak to some people and they still see me as a beauty blogger primarily. For me, I find the blog to be a big mix of fashion, beauty and travel, all wrapped into the lifestyle bubble. So I guess someone could call me lifestyle where another could call me a fashion blogger. But for someone to still regard me as primarily beauty focused after such a shift to fashion over the last three years just shows you that how you initially start, truly does stick.

I still adore beauty and offering my own opinions, but I feel it is a sub topic amongst many others. Fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle are the topics I love to cover and try to cover them as equally as I’m able to.

coach bag inthefrow
isabel marant sandals

And the main evolution came last year, when I decided to completely overhaul the look of the blog and go down a route that I was really passionate about. I adopted a luxury focus more heavily, incorporating luxury beauty and fashion in a way I personally had not seen *as many* bloggers doing in such a saturated space. I wanted to show my love for premium products whilst still maintaining an accessibility and offering real and natural opinions and uses and this became a big fork in the road for me. Increasing the quality of my content, spending a lot more time on my writing and investing a lot in order to create content I was thoroughly proud of.

And I feel it was due to my circumstances and life changes. I was living in London, working with a lot of incredible brands and working extremely hard. I was visiting a number of wonderful places and living a new type of lifestyle and I guess it rubbed off on how I wanted to dress, the products I wanted to use and the way I wanted to portray myself. I think this would happen to anyone starting a new job, living in a new city and spending time with new people. You adapt to your environment and the choices you are able to make.

And that leads me to where we are now. A fashion, beauty and travel blog, which I guess you could round up into lifestyle, with a luxury focus and a more polished concept. And I couldn’t be happier. Its been a pretty huge evolution, since I was stood in my bedroom, finding a tidy space in the corner of the room to take a photograph of my outfit. But I feel everything needs to evolve and become something greater in order to become something successful. So evolve I will, and hopefully you’re happy to stick with me for the long haul.

glamorous inthefrow

If you are a blogger, I’d love to hear how your blogging journey may have changed over the years? How do you feel your blog has evolved and was it parallel with your own life changes?

And if you have been a reader of Inthefrow for a number of years, how have you found the evolution of the content? I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you love to read, or what you don’t enjoy reading as much! All feedback is always welcomed!

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