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How I Intend to Change


Imagery by Kyle Galvin


London, UK

An Open Letter

I wasn’t going to write this post. Often I find the ‘New Year’ posts a little cliche, although I know I have dabbled in them myself in previous years. But then when pondering on the thought, I figured why on earth should I not also enjoy the fact that a new year has started, and fresh ideas and thoughts are free to be produced.

I don’t want to offer you ideas as to how to change yourself this year, in long and motivational prose. Instead, I could probably sum that advice up in one sentence. Go out there and get it, without fear, doubt or jealousy and be all that you dreamed. The New Year is a great place to start when it comes to beginning a fresh, and psychologically feeling that you can leave the past behind you, locked inside a box that reads 2015. And I’m all for that. Hell, I’ve already made a few resolutions of my own.

And looking back over the last year, at the industry I’ve nestled into quite comfortably, it got me thinking about moving forward and the ways that I hope to improve, for you.

I guess they are resolutions of sorts. Whilst also being a truthful and open letter from me to you, about this blog, my life and the future.

Victoria Inthefrow

There are some things you can definitely come to expect, or not expect, from me and this blog in 2016.


This blog is in its third year of publication, and 2015 saw my content, and overall branding, change dramatically. The blog moved from a part time to a full time career, and therefore things got a lot more serious; in the best way. My blog was redesigned and prepared for a completely new style and theme of content, and I moved into a luxury blogging segment that was, at the time, rather small in comparison. Wonderfully, the loyal followers of this blog have embraced the slight change in direction (and price tag) and thankfully I have been allowed to continue creating content that I am proud of, and that reflects my personal style, tastes and passions down to a tee.

This year you can expect more of the same. Bigger and better collaborations, more exciting photoshoots, content that you are excited to view and read and a whole lot of personal reflection and time with the real me. I love writing down the thoughts I have when I’m sat alone drinking my Starbucks, and I have found those posts the most rewarding for both you and me. I want to make this blog a destination for all of you, and I will strive to make content you will whole-heartedly enjoy. And equally, I want to write about what I love, and only that, and therefore content will continue to be posted a few times a week, to uphold quality over quantity.

Social Life.

My Youtube Channel will continue to run alongside this blog. I find it a great outlet for those times when I have far more to say than a blog post, or my hands on the keyboard, will allow. And my content can be slightly different over in the video space, and that’s something I embrace. Whilst I prefer my blog to be somewhat clean and tidy around the edges, my videos can be far less polished and that’s what I still love about that platform. Additionally, aligned to my blog, I have really enjoyed building up a more editorial and thematic Instagram feed in 2015, utilising photoshoot imagery from blog posts, to offer something more editorial. There’s definitely going to be more of that in 2016.


I feel that a few people in the industry threw shade on others this year. And that is something you won’t see here. Until Vogue starts to diss Elle for copying their content, you most certainly won’t see that sort of controversy and confrontation here. You’re not interested in what Sally said about Suzie; and neither am I.


I intend to make my time count this year, attending only those events that are succinct with my passions and the direction of this blog. Fashion Week is going to be exciting this year and I only want to cover the designers and artists I am extremely inspired by. Again this coincides with the idea of bringing you content you will really want to read. And I intend to travel as much as I did in 2015, if not a little less, to bring you only the most interesting and unique content.


The only physical change you will have seen this year, is the colour of my hair. I was purple for half of the year before dying it a silver grey. In honesty, I don’t know if my coloured hair days are over yet, as I love projecting my personality through my hair. But I’m excited for another change to happen this year, and it won’t involve surgery or dye. I am going to be undergoing dental treatment for the next year, at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic. After around 6 years of braces back in my teens, I was silly enough to ignore my retainers, up until the point that they would no longer fit, and therefore my teeth are not as straight as I would like. And I figured fixing them now would be better than in 10 years time when they have gotten worse. I’ll be filming and writing about how it’s all going over the next year also, and I’m so excited to see the end results!

Any other feedback you have on this blog, or things you’d like to see more of, or less of, please do leave in the comments. I would love to hear your own thoughts. I know blogging has changed a lot over the last three years, and it would be so great to read what you think about it, and what you would like to see more of in this space.

As always, thankyou for an amazing 2015. The things I have done and seen would not have been possible without the support of my readers, watchers and listeners, and for that I am truly grateful. This blog is for you, so lets make it the best it can be.

victoria inthefrow
victoria inthefrow
Victoria Inthefrow

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