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10 Steps For Success

London, UK

How to set yourself up for success

10 Steps for Success is a rather powerful title, but I’m just going to go with it. In no way am I counting myself as successful, but the last few years have been the most fruitful and defining for me personally, and I feel like I have succeeded, in some ways, to do what I set out to do, and more. Starting my blog was a hobby, alongside what I thought would be my future career, and my Youtube channel, was an extra platform that I enjoyed dabbling with to offer more personality to my blog posts. And over time, I became a full time blogger, gained representation, worked with a multitude of huge beauty and fashion companies and made a lot of friends along the way. And whilst I still have a hell of a lot more to do, in some ways I have succeeded up to this point. My idea was to write a blog for a hobby, and in transforming it into a full time career, some might say that is technically over-succeeding and pushing the barriers of what I ever intended to do.  And therefore, for anyone embarking upon their own journey and future plans, I wanted to share some tips, and steps you can take, to ensure you’re doing all you can to heighten your rates of success.

Whether this be at work, aiming for a promotion, developing your own business, perhaps there is something in here that could help just a little bit more. These are all things that I have found have helped me to grow as a person, and as a brand. Hopefully they could help you too.

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Get back to your emails right away. Don’t leave them sat in your inbox taking up room. For two reasons. The first is that mentally, the longer you leave them, the longer they are a weight on your shoulders, fill up your inbox and mentally make you feel flustered and stressed. And secondly, the person on the other end may become tired of waiting for your reply. Which could mean the difference between you getting to do something awesome, and having it taken away from you.

Equally, not replying can look a little ignorant and rude. Granted, a lot of emails may end up in your junk folder and you do not see them at all, and of course that isn’t your fault, but if it gets to the point that people come to know you as the one who never replies, it’s not going to look good for your rep. So reply, and save yourself the stress. Its either going to be an email you don’t need to worry about or something great could come of it. But you won’t know unless you reply.

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inthefrow burberry, anya hindmarch, maje, gianvito rossi



It’s easy to say, and it’s pretty darn obvious, but try to be the nicest, kindest person you can be. Too many people, women especially, are caught up in bitching and bringing down others, for what they think will be their own gain. And it always catches up on them. The truth will always come out. Em always tells me, What Sally says about Suzie, says more about Sally than it does about Suzie. And that statement could not be more correct. If you’re found bitching at an event, or in the staff room, whilst some may lap up your gossip, there will be at least one person who thinks you’re pretty shallow and insecure. And of course, so green with jealousy that you could give the Hulk a run for his money. So just don’t do it. Even if you don’t like a person for one reason or another, keep it to yourself and be the bigger person. The last thing you want is your boss, or the Director of a brand finding out that you’re more preoccupied with bitching than your actual job.

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I think that half of the battle with achieving goals, is actually believing you can do it. There are times when I’m working out, where I start to question whether I can really make the last squat, and if I just make my mindset positive, I can blast out that last squat with no trouble. And having that positive mindset can really get you places. Believing that you can move up in your job and taking the steps to get there, will see you achieving so much more than you realised. Believing that you have what it takes to improve your working style, will see you trying your hardest to do so, and succeeding.

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Most people, when they’re in University and especially when they’re seeking new employment, will be told time and time again to network. But honestly, it is the best way to get to know people. It is usually always about who you know, rather than what you know, and I have met some wonderful people and contacts through other wonderful people and contacts. Again, it pays to be nice, as I spoke of above, and networking, with a friendly and approachable personality will get you far. Of course, don’t fake it if you’re not a super talkative and uber-friendly person, as you don’t want it to seem forced, but maybe try the best you can and you might find coming out of your shell the best thing you ever did. Luckily I enjoy meeting new people and I’d class myself as someone who is genuinely friendly and non-judgemental, which certainly helps. Not everyone is so nice, and unfortunately I’ve met some of these people. So just try to be the most approachable you can be and open to meeting new people.

And when you get networking down, speak to everyone. You are not bigger or smaller than anyone else in the room.



Using your iPhone calendar, carrying a diary around with you, taking notes at every opportunity and booking in meetings and important dates as soon as you get them, are just a few ways to start organising your affairs and your time. I could not function without my iPhone calendar for birthdays, meetings and events, and I’ve learned that inputting an important date straight away can ensure you don’t miss out on something really important. Double booking is extremely frustrating and can lead to you looking a tad incompetent. Be diligent and efficient. And equally, writing down notes of ideas that pop into your head, or the key themes from your business meeting, will ensure you don’t forget them. And you never know if they may lead to something really amazing. 

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Nothing is ever going to get done or improve if you become complacent. If you’re sat around, at your desk, working on the same goal you had six months ago, it’s clear that nothing is really changing. Make new goals every month and write down ways that you aim to reach them. If it’s improving your fitness, or becoming more noticed at work, or maybe reaching a new milestone that you’ve set, setting yourself new ways to reach your target is a sure fire way to get nearer to your goals, if not reach them.

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Having a great support network around you can be one of the biggest helps. Rome wasn’t built in a day… and it certainly wasn’t built by one person. Sometimes you cannot do it all on your own, and asking for help shouldn’t be something to shy away from. Perhaps a friend could help you with something you’re stuck with. Or maybe you just need to employ someone to help you get everything organised. A new manager, an accountant, a personal advisor, a therapist even. Just having someone to talk to about your goals or tasks that might be burdening you, will often help you get everything out in the open and uncover ways to get them solved. 

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inthefrow burberry, anya hindmarch, maje, gianvito rossi



Why not set goals that are potentially too big to achieve? The world is your Oyster and you really never know if this is your year to achieve something you never dreamed of. Make big plans and big dreams and you will find yourself striving for them 100% more than if you set goals that are obviously within your reach. I would like to have a booty like Jen Selter, and although this would take me a few years or more to achieve, it is at least pushing me to try to achieve something that is just as good, for me. It may not be as big as Jen Selters booty, but it will be a massive improvement on what I already have. And that is good enough for me. But if I had never set those goals, I would never have strived hard enough to make any significant change.

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inthefrow burberry, anya hindmarch, maje, gianvito rossi



You can honestly get more done, if you quit the excuses. Hard work really does count for everything. That extra hour at the end of the day, or the odd Saturday catching up with emails, is what can catapult you further than those who don’t. Netflix can wait, as can baking your next batch of cookies or procrastinating watching Youtube. Hard work always pays off, and if it means the difference between your promotion or your new beach body, and the alternative, then is it not worth those extra few hours? Work hard in the times you’re expected to, plus the rest, and make sure you enjoy your time away from work just as much.

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If you have a job in front of you that needs finishing, whether it’s a blog post, a photoshoot, an assigment, a report, or that final rep in your squat set, go above and beyond what you think you can do. Doing the bare minimum really doesn’t cut it these days. There are too many people who could do it better that your minimum, if they were put in your shoes. So don’t give them the chance. Go above and beyond what is expected of you, and make this particular task the one that stands out. Better yourself each and every time and your dedication and excellence will begin to turn heads.

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What would you say has the been the best advice you’ve ever had for making waves and becoming more successful in your field? It would be great to continue inspiring each other with more words of advice and inspiration!

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