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Why Efficiency Could Be Your New Secret Weapon

Kihavah, Maldives

To Be Efficient.

I seriously struggle sometimes. Juggling so many jobs and tasks, from work related to household related, everything can get on top of me. I’ve found that my temper slips faster, I can become more irritable and I feel constantly tired. I probably just need to have a good 8 hours sleep each night and maybe I’d feel a lot better. But I got thinking recently about what I could do to become more ahead of my game and to feel as if everything was much more organised and working like clockwork. My stress levels have increased so high recently and I know there is a way to feel more level headed and calm.

And then it hit me. On a day when the dishes had piled high, the dishwasher wasn’t emptied, clothes were strewn all over my office and I couldn’t see my bed for mess, that there was definitely something I could do to make sure that everything didn’t all happen at once. So I wouldn’t have to spend 6 hours cleaning my flat all the time because the mess had gotten that bad. And it was then that I realised. It was all about efficiency.

Photographs taken at the Anantara Kihavah Villas, Maldives

Saving Precious Time

    It’s all just about saving yourself some time, here and there. One minute here, one minute there, will save you eight hours in a few days time. The more work that accumulates, the longer it’s going to take you to sort through it. The more work there is, the longer it takes you to get your head around how to tackle it and more time it takes to actually go through with it.

    But that is not all there is. On top of extra hours of work, is extra amounts of stress. I only have to look at the dirty sink of plates for my mood to drop and my stress levels to kick in. That thirty minutes of cleaning is going to be taken off my working time. The time it takes to answer fifty emails an hour. The time is takes to write my next post, or edit my next video, or even film my next video. It’s all time. And in my head, I have a mini breakdown and my mood is completely smashed into pieces. Often Alex will ask me what has happened to my mood and I need only point at the thing that has sent me spiralling. And it’s often the thing that is getting in the way of the task that stresses me out the most. Which is work.

    So here and there, complete the little tasks, so you won’t be stuck underneath a pile of twenty later.

Just get it done. Efficiently.

  • Empty the dishwasher as soon as it’s finished. Don’t leave it until you have forty plates to stack into it.
  • Pick up the clothing that’s strewn across your bed or your floor. The socks that your boyfriend took off last night and left there. Or his three pairs of jeans at the end of the bed. In fact, just fold them and put them into the wardrobe yourself, as the stress it takes you to do that is far less than the stress needed for you to nag at him to do it himself.
  • Put the washing in the machine now. Don’t wait for a few more pieces to make a jam packed load. Just do it now. Whilst you have a minute to think about it. And set them up to dry straight away so you can go away, work, and have your clothes being cleaned as you do so. Don’t wait until your Friday night out to find that your favourite dress is in a big pile of your husband’s boxershorts.
  • Tidy it away. Now. Don’t leave it with the hopes you’ll do it the next time you have more time. Because the time that you have more time, will be when you don’t and you have five deadlines. Instead, if you tidy it now, then you won’t have a pile of fifty more things on top of it that you then need to tidy. A tidier office or home is a tidier mind.
  • Cook a larger batch of food. Make it all at once. Eat a bit. Save a bit. Freeze a bit. And in a day or so when you need food, you don’t need to get dressed to leave the house at 8pm to nip to Tesco to buy a full meal. You’re sorted and saved yourself cooking three meals and a trip to Tesco!
  • Text your friends back immediately. Don’t wait until the time when you have five minutes and go through your entire inbox to reply to everyone. Because granted, the majority will text back to your text back. And then you have thirty new conversations on your hands. Just text them back as and when and save yourself the time, and more importantly, save your friendship.
  • Just go and work out. Don’t miss a gym session, because you’re far more likely to miss the next, and the next, until you haven’t been to the gym for months and you’ve wasted all of those hours of hard work and pain. Just go, and get it done.

The moral of the story is this;
Do it now.
Don’t wait until later.
Be efficient with your time.
Reap the benefits of a clearer mind.
And a calmer perspective.

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