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Giorgio Armani Runway Collection: An Autumnal Treat

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Giorgio Armani Runway Collection

My absolute adoration for Giorgio Armani Beauty has grown enormously over the last few years that I have been blogging. Not only because I know that Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of the Luminous Silk Foundation, but because I have been introduced to an assortment of products that I wouldn’t want my makeup collection to be without.

Victoria is correct, Luminous Silk really is a fantastic foundation, and you may have seen my makeup tutorial where I blended gold and purple cream shadows for a really striking and beautiful eyeshadow look. The cream eyeshadows are one of the best things to grace my eyeshadow collection since I understood the difference between a blending and detailer brush.

But there are so many more products, mainly from this blog post that you may have glimpsed a few months back, that I have a lot of love for. The Brow Maestro in shade 2 is my everyday brow product, and nothing liquid contours like the Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer.

And with the injection of the Runway Collection, there are four new products to add to a growing list of favourites.

Fall Palette

The Fall Winter palette is the defining feature of this collection. Covered in a silk striped fabric, that inspired the colours in the collection, the palette opens to hold a mirror, three shadows, 2 applicators and a coral pink blush embossed with Armani Runway. At £77, this is certainly something of a luxury, but for collectors, makeup enthusiasts and ladies who love a fantastic on-the-go product, this might be an investment they’re willing to make.

It certainly is a beautiful palette, with a white, deep coal and coral red shadow for an eyeshadow look inspired by the Autumnal hues. But personally I feel the blush makes this palette a total gem. The type of shade I adore, mixing corals and light pinks for a flush of natural colour over the apples of the cheeks.

Cream Eye Tint

The bronze cream eye tint and the rouge sheer lipstick are my two favourites out of the four. The eye tints are a product I swear by for vibrant, blendable and long-wearing colour and the variety of shades available in the range makes them an easy favourite for so many. But in this bronze shade, Autumn eye looks are completely catered for.

I prefer to swipe the doe foot applicator over the eyelid before using a blending brush to move the product over the eyelid for precise application. I will build up the colour a few times to increase it intensity, which again allows the wearer to gain a subtle or more intense eye look. This shade to me just screams fall and winter and I feel the colour works wonders alongside the coral of the Rouge Sheer Lipstick.

I imagine old fallen leaves, covered in the first frost of Winter and this bronze golden tone glistening in the morning sunlight. And that’s why it makes me feel so Wintery and nostalgic when I wear it. For the look in the imagery, I also used the white shade from the palette for my eyes inner corner whilst applying the coal shade to the outer corner to deepen the dark tones in my eye sockets crease.

Rouge Sheer Lipstick

I was very excited to add the Runway Rouge Sheer to my lipstick collection, as somehow I actually don’t a shade anything like it. In a pastelised coral orange, the lipstick glides onto the lips without dragging or dryness and offers a semi-matte finish. Nothing too glossy, but not entirely chalky.

And usually I wouldn’t think that this shade suited me, but I feel that because the shade isn’t too powerfully saturated, the pastel hues work quite well with my skintone. And I’m really excited to wear this with a tan!

But most exciting for me, is that this shade doesn’t follow the generics of Autumn makeup. It reminds me of the first falling leaves and their orangey, yellow toned shades. And when mixed with the golden bronze of the eye tint, the two together are essentially Autumnal without being the bold plums that I often speak of. And for that reason, this lipstick shade is something I am willing to wear much further into the Wintery months, as a bold, individual, yet classic autumnal statement.

Plum Nail Lacquer

And the last product in the collection, the Nail Lacquer in shade 62M500, is a deep violet purple, with a gothic, dramatic feel. Which I feel is a great juxtoposition from the soft corals and copper. It is that signature dark purple varnish for the winter for a bold and confident nail finish.

And if you like the look of the Giorgio Armani Si fragrance nestled into these shots, you can find that right here.

Are you tempted by the new collection? Which piece is your favourite?

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