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Burberry Beauty: Contouring for Dummies and a Khaki Eye Look

The Beauty Cupboard

New Favourites from Burberry Beauty

What does the new Burberry Autumn Winter beauty collection have in store for you? Well. As well as chiselled cheekbones, an easy tool for highlighting, a cashmere complexion and bright, concealed under eyes, it has an incredible eye shadow palette that I have fallen pretty hard for.

Who knew that I would love olive and khaki green shades for my eyes? Certainly not me, until this season was all about the olive tones and I figured I’d see what the hype was all about. And when the Burberry Runway Eyeshadow Palette made its way into my possession, I was intrigued as to how the shades would suit my skin tone.

With that and a wonderful nude lipgloss that I swooned over for a while and threw immediately into my handbag, I would probably say this is one of the most exciting collections of the season! So as always, below are tips and ideas for application as well as a full run-through of my makeup look using all of the products!

Fresh Glow Foundation

I have a feeling that this Burberry Cashmere Foundation in shade 26, a matte and medium coverage foundation is not yet launched. I can’t find it online anywhere yet. This is a touch too dark for me, but great if your skin is a little darker and bronzed than mine. I had to use a lighter, thin foundation to reduce the colour a little for these shots, but still gained the mattified finish of the product.

But alongside this is the Fresh Glow Luminous Base in No.1 Nude Radiance. Like a lot of the luminous base products we have been inundated with in recent months, this has a pink sheer tone to it, that once rubbed into the face can really enhance the look of the skin. The face is bright, dewy, glowing and radiant without looking greasy or heavy. It enables the foundation to sit on top of a glowing base that helps to bring more light back into the skin. And for another tip, try blending this with your foundation when you apply, for a more illuminated finish.


Oh how I adore the new Burberry Cashmere Concealer in Porcelain 01. A soft, spongey ball on the end of the pen, that can be applied directly onto the undereyes and blended with a tool or your ring fingers. The consistency is medium coverage. Not too light and thin, but not the thickest cream in the beauty scene. Its a lovely mixture of the two and really helps to add light back into the darker undereye circles. It is such a pleasure to apply, and in this shade it is a wonderful mixture of both yellow and pink tones for a beige concealer finish. Big thumbs up from me.


I have a feeling that these two pens got a lot of beauty lovers excited when they launched. I was sold on them as soon as Wendy Rowe sang about how fantastic they were when demonstrating their easy application and pigmentation on one of the beautiful Burberry models at a press launch.

These are two pens that make contouring and highlighting a truly easy and accessible task. Draw the contouring pen in Medium into the cheek hollows, down the side of the temples, down the two side ridges of the nose and underneath the jaw line. The highlighting pen is applied onto the cheekbones, down the center of the nose, under the brow and over the cupids bow. Everywhere you would naturally catch the light. Then you can either use your finger to blend one colour at a time, or, take a brush and blend each section into the skin to create a shadow to the jawline and cheek hollows, and a lightness to the cheekbones.

Camo Eyeshadow

I started the eyes by using the new Burberry Eye Definer in Barley, to define and fill in any sparse hairs. The nib of the pen is sharp and precise and designed for drawing in small realistic hairs. The opposite end houses a spoolie, meaning that you can brush through your brows to remove excess powders and to soften any harsh lines from the pencil. This pen is one of the better ones I have used of this design, but I am still a gal who prefers her pot of eyebrow wax and her eyebrow brush. That will always be my preference until I find something that is even more precise than that.

And of course I also covered my lips with the new Burberry Kisses Lipgloss in Nude Beige which just screams me all over. Like I said, this immediately went into my makeup purse in my handbag, for touch ups on the go. The shade is totally up my street. There is also some colour payoff with this, where I thought it may be more sheer, but the lips take on the nude beige shade wonderfully, so it is great to add over natural lips, or lips with a dab of foundation to cover. The formulation is also non sticky. Praise the Lipgloss Lords.

But moving into the eyeshadow, the Camo Runway palette has it all laid out for you. And I just followed how I always do my eye makeup. Lightest shade to the inner corner and over the lid. The next deepest shade to the middle and outer corner of the lid and the darkest shade used at the outer corners to add more shadows. Yet for this look, I worked more of the darkest green over the lid, sweeping it back and forth up the crease of the socket to really create an intense eye look. The colour really popped against my pale skin, and worked so beautifully with the subtle nude lips and lightly contoured cheeks. I am the biggest olive eyeshadow convert there may be.

Which are my favourites? The Cashmere Concealer, the Contouring Pen and the Burberry Kisses Lip Gloss in Nude Biege. And of course the Runway Palette which is a piece I really don’t think you should miss out on this season.

What is your favourite from the new collection? Do you think you might give this super easy cream contouring method a try?

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