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The Longest Reigning Monarch: Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II

When I heard that our Queen Elizabeth II would soon become the longest Reigning Monarch in British history, I was immediately feeling somewhat of a Royalist. I think that the Monarchy in Britain is actually such a wonderful thing. They are a group of people who were born into the Royalty of Britain and I think the help it does for the economy of London and Britain should not be snubbed. I personally adore the fact that people travel from around the world to visit a country that prides itself in having a King and Queen, Princes and Princesses. And I too have visited the gates of Buckingham Palace and visited the Crown Jewels, to take some pride and understanding in our British History.

The Queen is a British figurehead. And someone who I feel is somewhat of a celeb. With many people coining her nickname of Queenie over the years, I feel us Brits love the idea that she is our cute little Queen who comes out once a year with the most adorable lemon yellow two piece or fantastic hats and waves her beautifully gloved hand at her adoring nation. For the Queen’s Jubilee, I felt unbelievably proud to be a Brit, and for once, it seemed that everyone was taking pride in our wonderful little Island.

And so, on September 9th 2015, the Queen has overtaken the Great and also her Great-Great-Grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest reigning monarch. But what an exciting piece of history to be a part of. I have always been so interested in hearing about the Kings and Queens and the trials and tribulations of the British Monarchy, with King Henry VIII probably being one of the most famous people in the history books. But for the years following this one, it will take the next King or Queen 63 years to beat Queen Elizabeth’s record as the longest reigning leader of the British Royals.

Keep reading just below for a special Queens Celebratory Giveaway!

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth

Whilst she may be nearing 90 years old, Queen Elizabeth has always been one of the most stylishly dressed elderly ladies. I always have a little smile every time I see her step out in public on TV, dressed in another brightly coloured, matching ensemble. She is never without a wonderful head piece and an ornate brooch fitted to her left side. High neck boucles and woolen jackets are her statement outerwear, with her signature classic pearls peeping through from around her neck. A touch of foundation, a muted red, pink lip and a curly silver perm. That is our Queen’s style in a nutshell. And it has worked for her for a very long time. I hope I am this classy at 89 years of age.

I did have imagery of our Queen to accompany this post, but I was just waiting for someone  to create an issue with my crediting being accidentally incorrect. Best to carry on in my usual fashion, and just not bother using any external imagery. So I do apologise to anyone looking for photos of the Queen!

The Royal Giveaway

For any Royalists, or lovers of celebratory jewellery, I have teamed up with a good friend of mine, Jewellery designer Pip Jolley, to offer you all the chance to win a Jewellery set worth £255! The set includes hand crafted delicate studded earrings, a necklace and a ring, in either gold, rose gold or silver, all displaying a beautifully cast royal crown, inspired by commemorative hair slides from the Queens Coronation in 1953.

Below I am wearing the silver set, with a silver band ring, cute studded crown earrings and the silver necklace, for a complete set! They are adorable and such a unique and beautiful set of jewellery. And you have the chance to win the set, just with a few typical steps below!

To enter all you have to do is the following

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And then leave a comment below on the blog post to let me know you have entered, plus your URL on Bloglovin and your handles on twitter and Instagram so I can have a little peek at your entry and message you if you win!

Best of luck everyone!

Terms: Giveaway open to Worldwide Entries. Must follow in the three specified formats and comment on the post to hold a verified entry. The winner will be chosen on the evening of September 9th. The winner will be able to choose either a gold, silver or rose gold set of jewellery. The winner will be contacted on the evening of the 9th from the email address [email protected], and will be asked to supply their address for postage.

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