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Sun, Sea and Sky with Suzie


My first trip to Brighton since I was a tiny baby, running around the Pier with icecream all over my face…

It was so wonderful spending the day with Suzie recently, in beautiful sunny Brighton. I say sunny because we happened to choose an excellent day to explore the city, although the wind was pretty dreadful when you got over the water. Like I said, I havent visited here for years, and living so close to the coastline now, only an hour on the train from Victoria, it was the perfect time to visit my beautiful pint-sized buddy! We decided to film some videos for our channels (click here to watch my lookbook) before wandering around the Pier with sugar coated doughnuts and tiny pancakes…

Suzie was kind enough, and brilliant enough, to capture some shots of my outfit against the beautiful skyline and Brighton seaside. It was all about my new jeans, purchased from 7 For All Mankind, and I built the rest of the outfit around the colours, adding a stripey tee from ASOS with some Hobbs slip ons. The jacket is an oldy but a goodie (similar colour here), so good in fact I wish I had bought two for when this one finally packs in. But then I added new Dior sunnies and my cute Strathberry pink tote for a bright and pastel outfit.
Shoes /  Dior Envol Sunnies / Colour Fade Jeans / Stripey Tee / Pink Tote (Inthefrow10 for 10% off) / Similar Jacket / Different shade of Jacket
Being by the seaside really took me back to amazing family holidays, when we used to walk along the Pier, stopping for a huge fish and chips coated in mushy peas, and my parents would buy me a large Mr Whippy that would melt all down my hands. And we had so much fun as a family. As soon as I walked towards the sea air from Brighton station I had such an odd feeling of familiarity and nostalgia. I vividly remember sitting on Blackpool or Southport pier with my Grandad, chomping on a massive battered cod when I was probably around 5 years old. Stepping off of the train and walking towards the Pier in the distance took me back to such wonderful childhood moments.


And of course, a trip to the Pier wouldn’t be complete without indulging on fatty foods covered in sugar, oil and chocolate. So that’s what we did. I’d like to say it was all Suzie’s idea. It wasn’t.



And after a wonderful afternoon with Suzie, we met up with the gorgeous Tamara who also lives in the coastal city, and the three of us went for a cute little meal at a local restaurant. We caught up about what we had been up to and the trips we had been on, you might remember me and Tamara were together on my recent Ibiza trip! These two ladies are truly inspiring to me. So hardworking, dedicated and completely true to who they are. I love spending my time with such fantastic people. And recently I have realised just how many incredible people I have met through blogging in recent months. So many likeminded and beautiful people, and the types of characters I could spend hours chatting with. I’m feeling extremely lucky at the moment.
Have you taken a trip to Brighton recently? Does anyone know what I mean about the whole nostalgic wonderful feeling about the seaside?

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