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Discovering Tom Ford: A Full Face of Luxury

Packing this collection of incredible Tom Ford goodies into my holiday makeup bag, I took them to Paris for a full luxury finish…

This is a complete get the look, using a full set of amazing and luxurious Tom Ford beauty products. It was primarily for the purpose of trying them as a full brand makeup look whilst exploring which I loved the very most. Tom Ford, in my opinion, is the most luxurious make up brand in the market, and therefore it’s important for you guys to get a little more insight into which products are truly worth your wage. In case you were wondering, the whole makeup look was created using the following Tom Ford products:
Base Makeup
First, lets start with how I created this makeup base. Unfortunately, the Tom Ford Traceless Perfection Foundation is not pictured in the post, as I got my hands on it a little after taking these original shots. Yet, when creating the look, I knew it was the perfect time to use it in a full look, and what better way to experiment than with a whole group of Tom Ford products. I would highly recommend you go onto a Tom Ford counter to find your shade for this, as I was slightly misled by online colour charts. In the shade Ivory, I can wear this quite easily if my body is tanned,but it is too dark for my natural complexion. I also tried the shade Bare Beige, and even with my darkest tan applied, it was too dark for my face, so just bear that in mind. But the finish is really beautiful and perfecting with great coverage. This foundation is the most expensive I have ever tried and being completely 100% honest with you here, I believe that there are better foundations out there, for me personally. Foundations that suit my skin tone a little better and apply a similar flawless finish, so personally, I am unsure as to whether I would go right out and purchase this in the future.  But is a luxury product and if you have the cash, it is certainly one I have loved trying, and I often mix it with other foundations I own, to get the perfect shade and finish.
To finish the base, I applied the large Bronzing Powder compact in Gold Dust, working it all over the face and more so on the hollows of the cheeks, and temples, to define my features. I adore this compact, as it is not only absolutely beautiful, in a huge casing with a large mirror for makeup on the go, but the shimmery golden shade of the bronzer applies such a goddess glow to the face. It doesnt have as much colour pay off as other bronzers I use, and if I want to be ultra tanned, this isn’t what I reach for, but for finishing the face in a bronzed glow, this is a wonderful product.
Lip Color
Whilst the two lipsticks pictured here are Wild Ginger and Pink Dusk, I also used a new favourite, Nude Vanille over the top of Pink Dusk, for this finished look. The lip colors are wonderful, as you probably imagine. I remember I used to dream of owning a Tom Ford Lipstick, as I believed they would be the top of the range in terms of lip shades. And they really didn’t disappoint. With a fantastic transfer of colour onto the lips, but with a natural shine and glow rather than a matte finish, I have moved Nude Vanille into my hangbag make up purse for every day nude application. It is not as glistening and sheered as my YSL Nude 1 lipstick that I adore, and instead coats the lips in a little more colour. It therefore can really offer a high impact finish and an almost true to bullet lip colour. They don’t dry out my lips and they apply to the lips without dragging. I cannot fault them.
Cheek Color
And on the cheeks, I wore the Tom Ford Cheek Color in Wicked. A product that appears a deep pink in the luxuriously lined pan, yet can be built to a warmer pink with a few more sweeps. For me, a delicate sweep of the brush through the pan, and dotted lightly onto the cheeks, gave me the light shimmery pink that I desired. The finish is almost matte with a luminescent glow in the light, and with a very light hint of shimmer. So beautiful, and the pictures of my wearing it don’t do it quite justice. I should have applied a touch more perhaps, but I didn’t want to overpower the eyeshadow. But trust me, the finish is divine.
Playing with Shadows
The Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palettes are reknowned for being superb. The shades and numerous looks created by each palette makes them a luxury must-have and the pigmentation is always superb. Yet, the product I must rave most about here is the little pot of golden peach shimmer you can see in the image, the Cream and Powder Eye Color. Removing the white lid from the lower half of the pot reveals a vivid bronze cream shadow, that illuminates and adds the ultimate bronze sparkle to the eyelid. The idea is to then take your ring finger, sweeping it into the gold shimmer in the lid and patting this onto your cream shadow, for added intensity, shimmer and sparkle. And I was wowed as soon as I used it. What an absolute beauty!
So for this look, I applied the cream shadow all over the lid using a fluffy brush to blend. For the top coat, I instead dipped into the Ice Queen palette taking the gold shimmer into the very inner corner and first third of the lid. Just for that sparkle and highlighted inner corner that I adore. I skipped over the grey shade in the palette and went straight in for the matte black, using a small petite crease brush to work this into my outer corner, creating a wing shape on application. A lot of blending later, I added the black glitter shade over the top, for even more shimmer. But the idea is to leave the middle of the lid with a little less product over the top, to allow the cream bronze to shine through. Plus, it creates such a perfect base for the palette shades, with just a glimpse of that stunning bronze peeking through from beneath.
The Eyeliner
It goes without saying that this truly is one of the best of the best. I have loved a lot of eyeliners in my makeup life, but this one certainly is the cream of the liner crop. With two nibs on either end, offering a longer nib for full application, and a short nib for precision of your cat eye, the jet black finish and long lasting staying power of the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen has pushed this bad boy into my number one eyeliner position. I have been using it for possibly two months and it is still going strong.
Framing with the Brows
The brows were finished with the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, in the shade Chestnut. For me, this type of brow pencil is not a favourite, as I prefer a very thin applicator brush or pen for filling in my brows. The brow sculptor, whilst beautiful in its packaging, a spoolie to the opposite end and sharpener hidden inside the spoolie end, if you twist it off to reveal, it just isn’t an easy pencil to use, in my personal opinion. For those who are happy to spend a little more time working into their brows with a pencil sculptor, this might be a little more up your street, but I personally hate the brow part of my routine and want to apply them as fast and easily as possible. And for me, a thin brush and a pot of eyebrow wax is always a winner over pencils.


And Voila, a full face of Tom Ford and a look I absolutely adored wearing. I dread to think what the total amount would come to, if you calculated all of the products on my face in these pictures, BUT, the point here is to help you make a decision as to one stand out product you might potentially splurge on! I am most definitely not telling you to go and buy everything here, but instead, offering my opinions on the products I used whilst offering ideas as to how you could wear them.
Stand out products for me though are most definitely the Eye Defining Pen, the Lipstick in Nude Vanille and the Cream and Powder Eye Color in Golden Peach. They are the products I will absolutely be buying again when they run out. Whilst they are very pricey luxuries to have, I thoroughly enjoy applying makeup every day, and when there are incredible products involved, I feel so confident and beautiful. That feeling for me is worth every penny.

Intrigued by anything you’ve seen? Let me know which is your favourite Tom Ford product, or which one you might be a little more interested in!

These items were sent to me for review, in order to offer my opinions and guidelines for my readers. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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