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Dark, Seductive Eyes and a Dewy Finish with Giorgio Armani

A creamy purple and gold smokey eye, with a flawless finish, from a brand you may need to get excited about…

After really enjoying the Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani in recent months, I was so intrigued by what else the brand had to offer. I adored their latest release of Eye Tints, in 12 shimmering shades from champagne to black, more on that here, but other than that, I hadn’t introduced any of their products into my routines. Yet, Giorgio Armani beauty has such a wide range of MUA adored products for the girl who loves her classic makeup. And with the release of more eye tint shades within the Eclipse Collection, I had to experiment with a full face of makeup! My previous beauty post featuring a full Tom Ford look seemed to go down a storm, and therefore, a full Armani look had to happen. And here it is.


Watch Along

In all honesty, I feel it would be a tiny bit repetitive of me to go through what I applied, in what order and why, when you can watch and learn it right here on my youtube video. Just give the video below a watch, and see exactly how I apply all of the products.




But in case you really don’t want to watch a youtube video, here is the look in short:

The Dewy Base

It all starts with the Fluid Sheer in 10. A dewy and illuminating gel liquid that I applied over moisturiser to add a brightened and bronzed finish to the skin. Fluid sheer comes in a range of shades, depending on the finish you’re after, and below are just five of them. They can be used underneath foundation as an illuminator, above foundation as a highlighter, blended in with foundation for more light, or used as bronzers and blushes. Pretty much, these products are ridiculously useful.
Here are the three Fluid Sheer products that I decided to play around with. Shade 10, shade 17 and the deep bronze shade 14. In the end, I didn’t use the latter shade, as I felt I had applied enough bronzer with the use of another product that I will mention next, but the fluid sheer would have added extra brightness, dewiness and that ultra radiant glow to the cheekbones and temples if I had applied it over the top.

Liquid Bronzing

Applied onto the skin, here is a little example of how the Fluid sheer shades appear side by side. The subtle golden bronze tones of shade 10, the rosy blush of shade 17 and liquid copper of shade 14, alongside the final product, the Maestro Liquid Summer. Liquid summer is bronzer in a bottle. A liquid product, that applies to the skin like foundation with a natural summer bronzed finish. This is extremely wearable and easy to use, and all I did was apply product to the back of my hand before using a brush to pick up the product and stipple it onto my cheek hollows and around the sides of my face. Rather than a powdery finish, the liquid sinks into the skin like a deep toned foundation and blends to a natural appearance. Truly stunning and a new secret weapon in my makeup kit.

The Luminous Foundation

For the rest of my base, over the Fluid Sheer and underneath the Liquid Summer, I applied the Luminous Silk foundation in shade 4. A medium coverage foundation with a silky finish that I find works beautifully when blended in with a beauty blender. With a brush, I couldn’t get this to rest into my skin as perfectly as I desired, but a beauty blender was just the ticket. And after applying concealer to my undereyes (Mac Prep and Prime in light boost and Clarins Instant Concealer in 1), I used the Luminous silk compact powder to powder and set my base into place. For the makeup lover who prefers compact powders to liquid foundations, this is a great addition to the Armani Beauty collection, but for me, its all about the liquid. But for setting, this was a pretty great trick.


The Duo Tone Eye

This is a bold, seductive eye look that even I was surprised by. I picked up these vibrant shades and just started experimenting, and luckily, my curiosity paid off. Later, I was left with a purple smoked out eye lid, beaming with sunshine yellow beneath the centre, with a gleam of gold from the lower lash line.
I applied the golden Zenith eye tint in shade 13 to the centre of the lid and the Sunset purple of shade 15 to the inner corner and outer corner, drawn out into a wing. A lot of blending and retouching later, I was finished with a smokey, gorgeous eye look. The finishing touches of a golden strip to the lower lash line with the matching yellow Eyes to Kill Zenith eyeliner, and lining the upper lashes with the Sunset purple liner, pulled the eye look to a whole new level of beautiful and I was totally correct in thinking these two colours would be an absolute treat!


On the Lips


On the lips was a new combination of shades I am truly loving, as you know, I adore a nude pink lip. So I applied the Mirenesse Lipliner in Crazy Coco before coating the lips in the Nudestix lip Pencil in love. Yet, below is the new Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in 604, a shade similar to Mac Rebel, with a very deep raspberry, burgundy finish. I originally wanted to wear this with the eyes, but felt it would create a vampy edge that I didn’t particularly want to create. As all Armani lipsticks, they apply easily, due to the pointed tip of the bullet, and the colour pay off is vivid. The magnetic fastening of the packaging is a personal favourite and the colour of this is an autumnal must have. They’re certainly a luxury product, but in all honesty, they’re not my absolute favourite lipsticks. There are others I prefer a tad more, when taking all aspects, wants and needs of a lipstick into consideration. But still, a wonderful lip product.



Finishing Touches

To finish the eyes, I coated the lashes in the Giorgio Armani Mascara in black to complete. The brush and finish is gorgeous. Lengthened and thickened lashes with a true black coating, but for me, no curling hold power, so not one I would personally keep using. But for you lucky ones with curly lashes, I would highly recommend this mascara.
On for the cheeks, the Armani Fluid Sheer, this time in shade 17. Applying this to the back of my hand, I took my usual blush blush (Zoeva Blush Brush), dipping it into the product lightly, removing excess and then sweeping onto the cheeks. The finish was glowing and illuminated yet rosy and natural. So perfect with the rest of the liquid products and a product I will continue to use a lot in the future. Very easy to apply and the finish is stunning.
For the cheek bones, a good old highlighter never hurts. And this one is a warm champagne with just enough natural glow for those that don’t want to look too beaming. The Armani Eclipse Collection highlighter is beautiful, yet much more subtle that what I’m used to. Which isn’t necessarily a negative. More so, it’s perfect for every day usage!
And for those thick dark brows, the Brow Maestro is a fantastic brow pomade product that I adore using. In shade 2, it is a very dark brown, almost a little too brown for me, but I love dark brows, so I loved how these framed my face and completed the look.



The stand out products? The Eye Tints in Zenith and Sunset are a dream. Who knew that golden yellow and violet purple could work so beautifully on the eyes. They’re a favourite colour combination of mine, so I took a chance and it truly worked. The fluid sheer in Shade 17, the rosy blush shade, is another product I will be integrating into my routines heavily, as well as the Liquid Summer, a new way to apply bronzer without the powdery dullness. And Brow Maestro is another great recommendation. Those four products are certainly my favourites of the whole bunch and products I would actively go out and purchase when these products are completed!

What do you think of the look?!


Some of these items may have been sent to me for review. Please see my disclaimer for more information

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