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Aquazzura Bel Airs at I Robert

Dinner with my Dad & Co at I Robert, in the cutest suede A Line and premium ballerinas…

I would be lying if I said I didn’t let out a little squeal of delight when I purchased these shoes. For months I had scoured the web for the Aquazurra Christy flats, coming to a dead end each time when I realised they were sold out, everywhere. Finally, Aquazurra released a new collection with similarities to the first, but this time in a new range of materials and colours. The Bel Airs are the newest style, with the signature lace up detailing, but this time incorporating silver studding to match the silver lined heel. But it was the navy suede that sealed the deal. They’re beautiful and actually really quite comfortable, as the back of the ankle goes up a little further than an ordinary, blister prone shoe. Plus they are really quaint and adorable and extremely feminine. I’m totally smitten.
This little A Line skirt from River Island is also a total favourite. In real suede, a flattering shape and a truly wearable beige tan shade, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I knew it would be a winner for the summer and perfect to match with an array of clothing for both casual and evening events. Please be careful though if you pick this up, and spray it with a suede protector first. Let’s just say I’ve had to pick this up twice after ruining the first with an oil stain, on this particular evening, and attempting to remove it with water. Rookie mistake.
But this is everything else I was wearing too:
Taken on the Olympus Pen EPL7 with the 45mm lens
Location: I Robert, Mayfair
Myself and Alex were out to spend the evening in London with my dad and his wonderful Fiancé. They had finally made the trip down to the Capital, so I was really excited to wine and dine them in another fantastic restaurant that was on my list of ‘must-try’s’. This time we went for I Robert, a luxe cafe restaurant that combines Mediterranean cuisine with household favourites. The menu immediately drew me in, as it consists of such a variety of flavours, meat and fish dishes, without being too large and overwhelming. My choices stood out straight away, and you will be as pleased as I to know that there was Burrata on the menu. Sold.
To start with though, I must mention the decor of this establishment. Moving upstairs to the upper restaurant area, the room was bright and light, comfortable and cosy and completely beautiful. White tablecloths against blush toned seating, shining silverware and ornate decorations to the walls. It took me straight to a luxurious French or Italian dreamland, I cant put my finger on which one exactly, but it was absolutely beautiful.

Of course I ordered said Burrata, as did Trish, whilst my Dad tried the colourful Palma Ham and Melon, and Alex selected the Gallega Octopus with chorizo. They were all delicious, presented beautifully and just so vibrant and colourful on the plates. Our waiter was so attentive and quick to help with everything we needed. We chatted and drank the evening away whilst the food and drink came and went without a fuss. For me, that is how it should always be.
Moving onto mains, Alex and Trish moved onto Beef Stroganoff served on a bed of potatoes, whilst me and my Dad chose my favourite Pear and Ricotta Ravioli in a butter and sage sauce. Both meals were so beautiful, cooked wonderfully and arrived promptly. We ate our main courses, washing it down with Sauvignon and a bottle of red whilst the restaurant began to fill up with more guests.
To finish, we indulged in a third course, trying the sorbet and lemon meringue tart to complete a wonderful night. I don’t get to see my family that often due to the miles in between us, so it was such a treat to have my Dad living my London lifestyle for the night.  By the time we left, almost four hours had passed and I Robert quickly become a new favourite restaurant in the city. This is a place I would recommend you visit, and soon! It is part of the same restaurant family as Novikov, which if you have read my review, you will know is probably my number one eatery. So I was expecting something fantastic, and it truly delivered!

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