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10 Reasons why I love the Blogging Community

10 Reasons why I love the Blogging Community






Chatting over chocolate burgers and deconstructed icecream sundaes came with the realisation that the blogging community is a pretty darn awesome one…

Whilst spending the afternoon with Suzie from Hello October, struggling through Barrecore moves and finishing off the day with soup and cake, it dawned on me that I have met some truly awesome people through my career. I am so lucky to be able to name so many gorgeous, inspiring and creative ladies my friends, with the added bonus of heading out for cake and hot chocolates whenever we need a catch up. Suzie especially is a breath of fresh air and a lady who is as true and genuine as you would imagine. And Em is a lady I text constantly, about travel, our love of food and what were wearing to the next events. But there are so many more fantastic bloggers, who’s work inspires me and who’s ethic for work keeps me plodding forwards. Bloggers get a bit too much stick, especially in recent media times, so I wanted to give a round up of why I really love the blogging community…


They’re breaking the barriers of traditional media and offering up-to-the second, exciting content with imagery that could rival the pages of Vogue. Inspiration has never been so accessible.


The majority of blogs are written by guys or gals who are extremely passionate about their field, whether thats food, travel, fashion, beauty or otherwise. If they were no longer passionate, they wouldn’t continue writing and photographing, and thus, most blogs will always continue to create outstanding content day on day.


The most real bloggers will truly help and support their blogging friends, whether it be with a new contact, forwarding on an event invite or sharing tips, tricks and ideas. Even just being there to answer a question whenever needed. The support from the majority of bloggers I have met is overwhelming.


A food moment is never lost when you’re in a group of bloggers. Cocktails, canapes or full blown meals will always be documented, and no one cares if they’re being stared at for leaning over an entire table to get the perfect shot. You’re in good company.


Equally, bloggers have become so desensitised to taking outdoor photography, that people staring at them in the street, posing for a photo, no longer fazes them. It’s what they have to do for work, and if their readers love their photos, then it’s worth standing in the cold and being stared at, by passers by. They are not ashamed of their passion and they’ll do what they can to get that perfect shot. Creativity over embarrassment any day.


The biggest fashion brands in the world are taking them seriously and working with them on some of the biggest and most exciting campaigns. That is because they know how dedicated they are to their work and that their readers will love the beautiful imagery and will respect their expert opinion on the subject.


They spend hours curating and creating beautiful imagery, editing photographs and writing their content, all in the hope that they can inspire and excite their readers visually, via their own love of photography and curation. Work will often always come above socialising and they work extremely hard for what they do.


They are travelling the world and capturing it all for their blogs and channels, to share with and inspire their readers. And every blogger I have spoken to, is grateful and feels so lucky to be given such an opportunity.


They are embarking on new adventures as a further outlet to their creativity, whether it be a lifestyle book, a cookbook, a clothing line, a designer collaboration or a new company. They are pushing the limits and showing so many that you can reach your dreams if you really work for it.


It is a wonderful place to meet likeminded, happy and creative people, that are so similar to myself, and whom I would have never have met otherwise. It is probably one of my favourite things about blogging.


And I also want to give a shout out to my favourite blogs to read and the wonderful ladies behind them. They deserve a lot of love!
Eat Travel Love 
Hello October
Zoe London
The Glam and Glitter
Lydia Elise Millen
Hannah Louise F
Beauty Crush

Which bloggers truly inspire you and who do you think really shows their passion? Id love to find some new bloggers who really inspire!




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