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Places to See in Tokyo, At Night!

A few tips for a great evening in this electric city…

This is one big city. Bigger than London, and the English capital is absolutely enough for me. Luckily there is an incredible rail system in Japan that can get you from A-B pretty easily. Especially in Tokyo, the trains are filled with gadgets that help you get off at the right stop, but be prepared to stand and squish. 
It really is a vibrant and exciting city. It’s filled with the neon lights and hustle that you expect, but then it has those quiet and secluded areas that are just so peaceful and quiet. But I have never visited a country and felt so safe. Of course, don’t just leave your bag open or abandon your suitcase for a long period of time, but you will certainly feel much safer in this country than most. There is a respect in this country, I think that stems from their accepting and respectful religions, where most people have a respect for other peoples privacy, safety and possessions. I was greeted by so many happy, smiling and patient people on this trip, it absolutely opened my eyes. 
But if you’re on your way to Tokyo, I just wanted to mention a few things to do in your evenings. You might end up in the city and need something to fill your time with.

Kaikaya By the Sea

Kaikaya By the Sea is a fish restaurant in Shibuya, and I’m guessing a pretty well known one, judging by the number of English speaking people in there. It’s only small, with a few intimate tables, but they managed to get our table of 14 in there, just about, and served us a set menu of the most insane sashimi and fish treats. At this point, I was totally up for eating an abundance of fish, so I got stuck in and it was so beautiful. Extremely fresh, delicious and with so much flavour, plus the guys in the restaurant are so cool and helpful! Its definitely somewhere to try!

Robot Restaurant

Head to Shinjuku, and make your way towards the Red Light District and the Robot Restaurant. Whilst locals won’t go here, its a tourist hot spot, and something you absolutely have to see. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen before. The owner spent around $11 Million on robotics and other bizarre equipment that goes into the 90 minute show. But do yourself a favour and do not eat here. The food really is not great, and it’s notorious for such. Go for the show, help yourself to a sparkling wine in the waiting room above, buy yourself a packet of robot crisps and enjoy the show before heading to another venue for dinner. But definitely pay this a visit.

Shibuya Crossing

Head to the famous crossing in Shibuya, right outside the train stop. You can get above it, either in the train station, or the Starbucks across the road, if you’re looking for a great view point for photographs. But in the nighttime, you get a slightly different perspective than in the daytime, with the lights of the cars and buildings around. It’s just quite a sight to see when hundreds of people are crossing and going on their way. Id also get down their and cross a few times, because why on earth not?! 

And, if you want any more ideas of things to do in Japan, then have a look at the Contiki Japan Unrivalled trip right here, and watch my vlog of the trip!

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