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Miley For Mac and Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow Cream Contour

My first impressions on some of the newest beauty launches and a number of disappointments…

I really enjoy putting these Get the Looks together. As not only am I able to show you what the product looks like on, but I can tell you how I applied it, how it was used in the look and give you a true opinion. Plus, by looking at the photo, you should be able to find out what I was wearing on my skin, or my lips, or my eyes, and read the review if you like the look of it. I guess I’m just enjoying reviewing Beauty in this way recently!
Lets start off with the skin! My new favourite duo for skin prep is the Vichy Serum and Vichy Moisturiser. They’re hydrating, moisturising and so refreshing, and I find my skin feels so much more awake after I apply them. They’re not photographed above, but they deserved a mention.
I moved onto primer, applying the newly packaged Light Master Primer all over the skin. It isnt too silicone based, so your skin doesn’t feel like silk after application but there is a light pink toned luminosity to this that can really brighten and add light to the skin. I am recently loving products like this, that can really help to enhance the dewyness and natural light of the skin. I prefer other primers more, such as the Laura Mercier primer for example, but this was definitely a lovely option.
Next up was the Burberry Fresh Glow Golden Radiance fluid base in No.02. This looks scary dark in the bottle, but applies in a sheer coat, to only add a tanned light to the skin. You can definitely go overboard with this and apply too much if your’e not careful, but a light coating can really make your skin look like you’ve been to the Bahamas, before you apply your perfecting foundation over the top. I really liked using this and again it helped to add light and radiance into the skin. I have similar products that I possibly prefer more, such as the Templespa version, but then again, this one really adds a sunkissed golden tan to the skin which would be wonderful to take away on holiday to be used alone.
After that, I moved onto applying the Tarte Maracuja concealer. Wowza, this concealer packs a punch, as I should have expected from Tarte. If you’ve tried the 12 hour Amazonian Clay foundation, you’ll know what I mean about coverage. This concealer follows suit and has a truly thick and covering consistency, that I can only liken to the Kevin Aucoin skin enhancer. I have the shade SX05 in that if you were wondering on shades. In the Tarte I have light medium sand which is the same shade as the Tarte foundation for me. But the coverage is wonderful, it doesnt crease and it stays put for a really long time. Its my new favourite for every single day. See me using it here.
I then moved onto foundation, using the Maestro foundation all over my face. I found this shade to be too dark for me in 4.5, and would probably go for shade 2 next time. But I still found the finish to be really velvet, sinking into the skin without hassle and covering all complexion issues. It wasn’t my favourite foundation ever, and its not something I’d rush out quickly to purchase again in all honesty. I’d rather stick to the Luminous Silk Foundation (shade 4) in this range I think. 
Next up, the new Filmstar Bronze and Glow from Charlotte Tilbury. I have a feeling this is not yet released onto counters, but in honesty, its not something I would rush out for either. I adore Charlotte and her brand and my goodness I could rave about the Bronze and Glow powders until the cows come home, but I was not so taken with this update. The contour shade is great if you love cream contouring, but I found the golden cream just didn’t want to apply itself to my cheeks, in fact it wanted to just take my foundation away with it. I would 100% recommend the powder version of this instead, although this is very pretty too. It depends what you’re looking for. But my opinion, stick to the powders. 
As I like to be a super bronzed goddess most days, I always swish more bronzer over my forehead and neck to finish off a look. I used the new Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact, set to hits the stores really soon, in a stunning bronzed packaging with the embossed powder inside. Again, although this product looks so so beautiful, I was left feeling disappointed, finding it was a little too orange toned for me. I applied too much of it, as it was more pigmented than I was expecting, and the colour that applied was not the usual shade I was hoping for. So for that reason, whilst this looks beautiful, I haven’t reached for it since which is a huge shame. 
Next up was the eyes, using my new By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz. Its a product I have lusted over for years, and after seeing one too many youtubers look amazing wearing it, it was a must. I went for the light pink champagne of Frozen Quartz and was so pleased I had chosen a shade I could wear everyday. The thing about this is that it blends so wonderfully, I have found myself drawing this onto my eyelids and lightly taking a brush to blend the edges. It’s a simple and quick process that speeds up my eye makeup routine ten fold. I love it. It doesn’t crease, it stays put for hours and adds such a glisten to the eyes. Excellent purchase indeed. Yes, pricey, but a luxury product that is worth your buck.
The Tarte Lights Camera Flashes Mascara is not waterproof before we get excited. And therefore doesnt have the holding power necessary for my stubborn lashes. Yet, I was rather fond on how tough this mascara was, with really stiff bristles that comb your lashes like no other. For those with curly lashes, this would be a dream, as it would really help to pull them out, apart and cover them in thick black product. If this was waterproof, then Id be singing from the rooftops, believe me. There is a waterproof version, (Lights, Camera, Splashes) but the brush just isn’t the same as this. Why would they do that to me!?
And finally, my favourite lipstick of the moment, the Mac Miley Viva Glam. In a bright fuchsia, that shouts energy and confidence, as you’d expect from Miley Cyrus, the new shade quickly became a must have. I’ve collected a number of the Viva Glam shades, and I felt it was only right to buy into Miley, seeing as I’m a bit of a fan anyway. And I wasn’t disappointed. I have since gone back to buy the matching lip pencil, which I found to be Talking Points, as I just want my lips to be pink and perfected for those days when my outfit is just a little more muted. 
Oh, and just a quick spritz of the Kat Von D Lock N Load setting mist to lock it all down. This smells like fresh cucumber water, and I love applying it as the final product to the look. I’ll be honest, I think I might prefer my usual Body Shop Face Mist than this, but then I do love the smell of the Kat Von D. For the price and availability in the UK, lets just say I’m on my tenth or so bottle of the Body Shop Face Mist, and I probably wont be stopping there.

Soooo, what do you think? Any new launched you’d like to try, or have I intrigued you towards anything youve seen here? Are we loving the pink lipstick though?!
Also, let me know if you’re liking this format of beauty review now, or if its too long, not long enough, not detailed enough, too detailed, etc. Thankyou guys!

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