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Crystal Eyes with Giorgio Armani Eye Tint

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint
Giorgio Armani Eye Tint
Giorgio Armani Eye Tint
Giorgio Armani Eye Tint
Giorgio Armani Eye Tint

Well, what a treat! As an eye-shadow lover, I’ll be honest, I swooned big time over this collection…

Buy in the UK: £27
Buy in the USA : $38

Honestly, its been quite some time since I used something other than powder shadows within a makeup routine. I have never found them to be that easy to use or manageable to blend, and thus stayed away from anything other than what I could sweep my brush into. Yet, the chance to try out and review the new Giorgio Armani Eye Tints was too exciting, and the available colours had me pretty intrigued. They start at shade 1 with black, and move through a rainbow of colours before reaching shade 12, the light champagne. And to keep things simple, Ive kept them in that order, from 1-12, in the images above!
In the shots of me, pouting with my newly applied eyeshadow, I have used shade 12 all over the lids and inner corners, using the doe foot applicator to apply directly onto the lid. The shade 10, a deep brown and a wonderful crease shade, was applied, in my usual way to the crease, and blended with a fluffy blending brush. The blendability of the product is wonderful, having just the right amount of drying time to allow you to manipulate the product over the areas you desire. I found these two colours together were perfect, creating a bright and shimmery lid with a deep shadow to the crease. I just applied some dark brown liner as an eyeliner and the look was finished. 
Other things to mention would be the longevity of the product on the eyes, retaining the colour and shine throughout a whole day of me wearing the eye look. The shades blended perfectly together for a seamless finish and were so easy to work with, so much so that you could probably blend a number of the shades on the lid for a number of alternative tones. And of course, the packaging, in a slick and twist lid design, embellished with the Armani logo, looks pretty darn swish in your makeup collection. The cool thing about liquid shadows that I love the most though, has to be that your perfect makeup isn’t ruined by powder shadow fall out. There is no fall out or powders present, so were all good there! So, if you’d like my recommendation, if you’re looking for an idiot-proof eyeshadow product, that can be blended with brushes or your fingertips and won’t fall out all down your face, these are a dream in the liquid eyeshadow world. Extremely pigmented, just the right consistency for easy application and so illuminating to wear. I would just say that applying too much can make your eyes look a little caked on, but keeping it as a wash of colour will be perfect!
What are your thoughts on these? Intrigued to give them a try, or do you love your powder shadows too much?

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