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A Day at the Lush Spa

Discovering: The Lush Spa and Treatments
Discovering: The Lush Spa and Treatments
Discovering: The Lush Spa and Treatments the Good Hour

If I could recommend one spa you absolutely have to visit…

The Lush Spa. Somewhere I didn’t have any prior knowledge of, but left feeling like I had to go back, very soon. I was also treated to a walk around the store, taking in all of the best selling and cult Lush products, from the wonderful Ultrabland Cleanser through to the Kerbside Violet Perfume – (which FYI smells like Palma Violets) and I’m just loving it as a room scent! The face masks, the cleansers, toners, moisturisers, bath bombs, massage bars and every other treat within the Lush store was explained to me in detail, and on this day I truly found a massive appreciation for Lush. Much further than just the fact that they rule the bath product market. I understand so much more about their brand ethos, using natural ingredients and recyclable materials and just the way that this brand cares about the environment, and mainly, its customers. Each product has been carefully constructed and thought out, by experts in skincare or haircare or perfumery, so that each product has a real purpose and end goal. There are a number of products, that have to be reformulated at times when they run out of particular ingredients. I was amused by the story that the Big Shampoo was out of stock to their customers dismay, due to the fact that storms at sea had hindered the Portugese fishermen collecting salt from the cliffs. I mean, how real is that? I was blown away, and left with the biggest admiration of this brand and its owners and workers.

But it was after I had learned so much about the Lush products that I was taken down into their Lush Spa on the Kings Road, to experience one of their unusual and extraordinary treatments. I chose the Good Hour – a just over 60 minutes, all body deep-tissue massage, that takes you out to the sea and brings you back in after your muscles have been loosened, pushed and pulled likes the ropes of a ship. You listen to modern sea shantys within a room decorated like the cabin of a boat, complete with rolling steam and wooden decor, and you are immersed completely into a unique and wonderful experience. Afterwards, you are served ships biscuits with hot tea and ships rum and relax in the Lush Spa Kitchen before you float back to your home and dream of your next treatment. Or at least, thats exactly what I did. My masseuse was beyond fantastic, completely understanding of my particular needs and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I almost fell asleep a number of times, but at points was so interested and enjoying the shantys, I couldn’t help but stay awake and enjoying each body part being massaged and relaxed. 
I cannot wait to go back for another treatment, as I have heard each one is entirely different and unique, but the Good Hour is one that I would so highly recommend to anyone. Especially for a special occasion, or treating your mum to a spa day, look no further than the Lush Spa. There are a few in the country now and there might be one near to you, so have a peek at the website. It is a spa experience unlike the norm and definitely for the better. 
Thank you to Lush for looking after me all day and helping me realise why Lush is just so loved. I am completely converted. 
Have you tried a Lush Treatment? Which one did you try?

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