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Skincare to the Rescue

Keeping your skin as cleansed and hydrated as possible…

Where can I find them?

Elemis Pro Marine Cream 25th Anniversary Silver Set
Elemis Pro Radiance Cleanser
Clarins UV Plus SPF50 Anti-Pollution Sunscreen
Aveda Energizing Eye Creme
Aveda Hydrating Soft Creme

I’ve recently got a little more inspired by skincare. I went through a phase of being uninterested by new releases and in honesty, I do find that a lot of skincare can do a similar job to that of another brand. Due to that, it all becomes a huge minefield. Especially as skincare products can be so pricey, no one wants to be forking out on a product they wont see benefits from. Yet, Ive started to notice my skin being a tad dry recently, and breaking out without notice, so I decided it was time to really start concentrating on a strategic skincare regime. And these are five products I’m rather fond on right now.


The Elemis Pro Marine Cream set is a massive favourite of this month, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be in my March favourites video early April. I leave it on my desk, so that I use it religiously and I can stare at the beautiful silver packaging. This 25th anniversary silver package also comes with a beautiful silver mirror, encased in a silver pouch, that I have already moved into my handbag for makeup touch ups. You have probably already heard of this product, as a cult Elemis favourite. It is one of those anti-ageing classic products, that aims to transform the complexion in two weeks, reduce wrinkles and increase hydration by up to 45%. For my dry skin, this was exactly what I needed and the consistency of this, and the hydrating feeling on your skin afterwards, is something that I haven’t come across very often. This truly is a product that deserves cult status and is probably my most loved product at the moment.

Eye Cream

Before applying the Marine Cream, I have been applying the Aveda Energizing Eye Creme, using my ring fingers to dab the product into my under-eyes gently. It aims to reduce dark circles and puffiness and I find it just leaves my under-eyes feeling a little firmer and hydrated before moisturiser and makeup. Whilst I haven’t noticed a huge difference in dark circles, I’m finding myself enjoying this combination right now, so I’m rolling with it and hoping for big changes. I’ll report back.

Anti-Pollution Sunscreen

Clarins have just launched an update to their UV Plus product, this time kicking up the SPF to 50 from 40 and offering us all a product to protect from pollution as well as sunlight. The Clarins UV Plus SPF50 Anti-Pollution Sunscreen has made its way into my routine for days when I’m heading into the city, and will be making its way into my holiday skincare bag. I just apply a little of this onto my skin after serums and moisturisers, before applying my foundation. The consistency is light and fresh, but will be busy working its magic without you even realising. 


At the end of the day, I have a lot of skincare routines in place, where I move from one product to another with one end goal. To remove makeup as effectively as possible and to go to sleep with plumped and ultra hydrated skin. To start with, the Elemis Pro Radiance Cleanser is a product I have used intermittently, but only recently totally fell for. Possibly because I’ve become a big fan of using hot cloths for makeup removal of late. I work the cleanser into my face, massaging it into the skin to break down makeup, before using a hot cloth to gently remove all the products in circular motions. After using this, my face doesn’t feel tight, or dry. Rather, fresh, clean and clear and ready for moisturiser, and for that reason it has become the cleansing product I’m reaching for the most.

Night Hydrating Cream

And when it comes to me crawling into bed, I’ve been reaching for the Aveda Hydrating Soft Creme, which also comes in a rich version. But for me, I quite like the lighter creams that really sink into the skin before I sleep. It sinks in, hydrates and moisturises, replenishing moisture and retaining that moisture for up to 24 hours – so this would also be brilliant to use underneath makeup if you’re someone with a dry skin type. But this product is for all skin types and those after intense hydration.
And that is my skincare routine. Moisturisers, creams and cleansers, all for the purpose of keeping my skin as soft and hydrated as I can get it. 
What are your skincare favourites? Have you tried and loved any of these also?

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