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Get the Look: Full Face of First Impressions

Trying the new Benefit Rollerlash, Clinique Contour Sticks, Lancome Miracle Cushion and Eyeko liners for an easy city style…

You might notice that this is my usual everyday style. Simple eyes, bronze contour with pink blush, a yellow toned foundation and a nude pink lip. The only difference this time is that everything I used for this look was tried here for the first time. All together in a full face of first impressions. So in short terms (we don’t have all day), what did I think?
Topshop Colour Correcting Primer – Applying the primer first, the aqua blue shade is supposed to help combat redness on the face. Compared to the most loved primers out there, this one doesn’t feel like it contains silicone, and therefore isn’t silky soft, instead this is a cream consistency, that in all honesty doesnt combat too much redness. If Im looking hard,  I guess it works ever so slightly to neutralise red areas on the face, but nothing massively noticeable. Yet, it does feel really light and fresh on the skin. But nothing Id run out to buy. 
Clinique Airbursh Concealer in Illuminator – I then applied the airbrush concealer to the darkest park of my undereyes. Yet, as I was using the shade Illuminator, in a rose pink, this really isn’t a shade I’m used to, or like to use. For me, I would need to try some of the yellow toned shades, as I feel they could be really brightening, but the rose tone just wasn’t right for me. 
Lancome Miracle Cushion in Beige Rose – Finally a product I loved. I was actually blown away by the incredible coverage of this product, especially as it’s all about the sponge applicator. Using the sponge to pat this into the skin really helps to deposit a perfect amount of product onto the skin without leaving it feeling too heavy or caked. My skin didn’t look like it had much product on it at all, but it definitely had an airbrushed finish. Although, I would probably go for Porcelain next time, for those times I just haven’t had time to tan!
Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach – Well, what a lovely shade this is. I immediately thought the peachiness would make my under eyes the wrong colour, when in fact it really helps to brighten and correct any discolouration. I found this easiest to work with when used on a wet sponge though, as trying to dab this using my fingertips felt really dry and harder to blend. But with a sponge, it worked into the undereyes so easily and really brightened. In the images above, I have only used this over the foundation, and my undereyes didn’t look under-concealed.
Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour – It was time to bring some more colour back to the face, so I chiselled out my jawline and cheek hollows with the contour stick, drawing lines onto my face for later blending with a brush. For a tip, I would not draw this onto your face in lines, instead, dot it onto the areas that you want to contour, to apply slightly less product, but still drawing out the general shape of where you want to contour. I found it much easier to apply less of the product in dots, and build up the shade whilst blending and adding more, than going straight in with too much cream contour in harsh lines. Yet, this is a lovely product to use, in an easy shaped bullet and a great contour shade. If you’re a fan of cream contours, you might want to try this out!
Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlighter – The contour stick has a matching product on the highlighting end of the scale, and they are to be used hand in hand, to highlight the high points of the face, whilst the contour stick pushes back all of the parts of the face we want to shadow. The highlighter is a sweet shade of frosted pink and blends easily for a dewy cheekbone finish. The pair together are a pretty great duo. 
Clinique Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palette in Defining Berries – To finish off the base of the makeup, I swirled my brush over the blush palette and dabbed it over my cheeks for a flush of colour. This product can also be used as a contour palette, using the lighter shade to highlight and the darkest shades to contour the cheeks slightly, but as a blush all together, the shade is a mature pink and so easy to wear. 
Eyeko Me and My Shadow – I moved onto eyes and applied the shadow liner roughly to just above my lash line, using the brush end of the pen to smudge this into a smokey winged line. It’s a really easy product to use and I loved the charcoal finish. I don’t think I’ve come across a bad Eyeko product yet!
Eyeko Visual Eyes Liquid Liner in marine –  As always, another fantastic Eyeko liner, this time in a deep navy shade, that I applied to the very lash line, over the shadow liner, to add a little more definition to the eyes. I would never really turn to blue for liner, but I loved pairing this with the black for a touch more colour. Sold.
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – The final finish for the eyes is always the mascara. I curled my lashes first and applied the product, using the shorter side of the wand to get to my lower lashes and to the roots of my upper lashes. The wand is a cool shape, having a shorter side of bristles and a longer side, that is supposed to coat all of the tiny lashes before you turn the wand and allow the longer bristles to really comb and elongate your upper lashes. I’ll be honest, the lengthening effect is brilliant, and my lashes were perfectly coated and jet black after application. But as I guessed, the curl wasn’t great at all for someone with straight lashes, and later curling was a difficult task, as the lashes are left sticky after application. So although I did like the finish, it just doesn’t give the curl I was hoping for. 
Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Guavagold – The finishing touch, the Clinique gloss in a coral pink, with a sheer finish and fairly sticky consistency. I was expecting more colour from this, over my natural lip shade, but this is definitely one for applying over lipstick I feel. It’s also a shame that it’s so sticky, as I feel we should be at a stage where glosses are no longer sticking to our hair. But for the gloss lovers, this is a shade that will go with most of your favourite lipstick and leave them glistening. 

Clinique Aromatics in White – No beauty look would be complete without a spritz of our favourite scent, and this is such a beautiful, feminine and mature floral fragrance. I showed this to my mum and she absolutely fell in love with it.

Is there anything Ive tried here that you absolutely love too? Or is there anything youd really like me to review for you in a Get the Look?

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Some of these items may have been sent to me for review. Please see my disclaimer for more information

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