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My Acting Debut: Banishing Eye Bags with Benefit Puff Off

Benefit Puff Off
Benefit Puff Off
Benefit Puff Off

“Puffies can at last, puff the fluff, off!”…

What Are we Looking at here?

The Benefit Puff Off

I find eye creams the hardest products to test and review, and most importantly, compare to others in the market in order to profoundly state, “This is my holy grail.”  I mean, what equates to a brilliant eye cream? A soothing and cooling gel? A smooth and silky consistency? An easy and simple applicator? Well, if that is the case, the Benefit Puff Off definitely ticks all of the boxes. But what about the end results and outcome of using an eye cream for a prolonged time?
A few months ago I found myself in a studio filming with the new Benefit Puff Off, and because my hair and makeup looked so pretty, and I say my first acting line ever, I wanted to share it with you. Have a quick watch of the advert above. 
The product consists of a light pink tube and iron styled applicator, so you can literally iron away those creases and wrinkles. It illuminates the under eyes with a subtle pink cream whilst the metal applicator soothes and cools as it irons over tired under eyes. In fact, it really cools the skin, to the point of leaving the eyes with a cooling sensation after usage, perfect for those hangover days, or very early mornings. The gel can be used under makeup or over makeup, for a hydrating pick me up during the day, or just to perk up the eyes for a full face of makeup in the morning. 
It really is a cute and lovely product and great for those who have a thing for eye creams. But would I buy it again? I don’t think I would. Only because eye creams are a step I don’t mind missing from my routine and I find a serum all over my face can do the job I want it to. But for those who suffer from puffy morning eyes, dry skin, or the appearance of caked concealer, this will definitely come in useful! As far as eye creams go, its definitely one of the best I have tried.
What are your thoughts on eye creams and gels? Worth the money? And which ones do you love the most?

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