In Love with Colour: Urban Decay Vice Palette

Urban Decay Vice Palette
Urban Decay Vice Palette
Urban Decay Vice Palette
Urban Decay Vice Palette
Urban Decay Vice Palette Inthefrow
Urban Decay Vice Palette inthefrow

All the colours, in one shiny, must-have palette!…

What are we looking at?

Urban Decay Vice Palette

I don’t throw the words ‘must have’ around all that often. Because, really, do we actually need these products?! Yet, there’s something so brilliant about this palette, I don’t want to my makeup collection to be without it from here forwards. The palette is on the large side, but filled with twenty stunning shades, that combined could create a multitude of eyeshadow looks. I feel that with this palette, most of my other palettes become a tad unnecessary, as it spans from whites through champagnes, bronzes and throw in some colourful greens, blues and purples. I’ve been experimenting with colour combinations for the last ten days or so, but ridiculously forgot to take photos on most of the days, bar these two. If you’d like to see how I created the dark smokey look, I actually filmed it, so watch this video. For the other look with my dark purple lips, I used the champagne shade ‘Last Sin’ and the snow white ‘Bobby Dazzle’ on the lid and ran ‘Undone’ and ‘Downfall’ through the crease to soften. But I’m so excited to get more experimental with the colours, and I’m really eager to use the shimmery purple shade, as you know, its my colour. 
The Vice palette also comes with a brush, and luckily, Urban Decay palette brushes are usually excellent quality. So you’re all set. Plus this mirror makes it a travel essential, as you just wouldn’t need to find a bathroom, your mirror is right with you at all times. For a camping trip, this would be a god send.
I feel I have shown you a lot of Urban Decay palettes recently, but I’m pretty certain this is my overall favourite. What do you think?

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