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Zoella Beauty: Back in Stock!

Ive been waiting for the restock, and its finally here…

The Zoella products are cute as cute can be. I own a few of the range already, my favourite probably being the lovely makeup bags, or pencil cases, depending on how you want to use it, although I stuff mine to the brim with makeup brushes every time I use it. These two products are part of the Zoella Collection, including the Zoella Beauty Soak Opera Bath and Shower Cream, and the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar. I picked both of these up on FeelUnique when I could, as I was super intrigued about how they might work, against other similar products. I love the fact that the soap opera can be used in the bath as well as the shower, as baths are very few and far between for me, and it definitely helps to make your bath really lovely and bubbly. Nothing too dramatic, but if you’re after loads and loads of bubbles, just add a lot more product to the bath. 
The fizzers are also super cute, with the Z logo inscribed into each piece of the bar. I remember Louis Cole thinking this was a chocolate bar when he picked one up at the launch party, and he was definitely right in thinking it looked like a thick bar of chocolate in the packet. That’s probably why I loved it so much. I threw four pieces of this into the bath a few weeks ago (no bath any more Im afraid), and although it wasn’t majorly bubble central, it was such a beautiful scent and it’s always exciting to see products fizzing away in the bath, so enjoyment levels were pretty high I’ll be honest. I added the fizz bar and the soak opera into the bath together and relaxed away until my heat senses could no longer take it. If you’d like a recommendation of which to buy, I would go for the Soak Opera, only as it is duo purpose, looks super cute, will last you longer than the fizz bar and smells beautiful. Oh and the candle to relax along with in the bath. Thats probably another favourite from the range. Plus, the range has just launches a brand new makeup bag. Just say Yes! 
Which products in the range are you really loving?

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