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Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection
Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection
Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection
Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection
Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection
Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

Did you ever see a brush collection more beautiful?..

First things first, Where can you buy them?!

The Real Techniques Bold Collection brushes officially launched last night, and can be bought from all of your favourite stores online after being snapped up in Boots and the American stores for the past few weeks. I have been so excited to publish this post, but I wanted to save it for a time you could actually purchase and not just lust over them. I have become a very loyal fan of Real techniques brushes, a brand that has a 45% share of the brush market, and rightly so. Their products are beyond brilliant, with soft and non-shedding brushes that have enabled the average person to create beauty looks comparative to a makeup artist. I know that before I bought my first Real Techniques brush, I found it difficult to find brushes that could create the look I was aiming for, unless I wanted to spend a fortune on luxury brushes. Whilst the regular Real Techniques collection brushes are at an inexpensive and wonderfully affordable price point, the bold metals collection do warrant a higher price tag. With the aim of appealing to the professional makeup specialist, the brushes come in at prices over £20, with more skill and enhanced materials used in their processing. The brushes are weighted, for easier handling and more precise application control and include an angled handle, restricting your brushes from rolling from your desk to the floor. The hair is softer and more luxe than their predecessors and the finishing touch of gradated colour through the hair from the handle is a beautiful finish. 
I’m absolutely taken by them, but some more than others, I must admit. I find the foundation brush, 101, is great for covering larger areas on the face, but I do love my fluffier buffing brushes for foundation as I find they blend foundation so flawlessly and truly buff it into the skin. The straight bristles of the 101 do not apply foundation in the way I personally like, so this is my least favourite of the set. 
My favourite would have to be the 200 oval shadow brush, that covers your lid in shadow with one sweep and is unlike other brushes I own. I’m also a big fan of the 300 tapered blush brush, that applies blush precisely and intensely, so be sure to dust off any excess powder. The 301 flat contour is another brush that I feel will be extremely popular from the collection, with very compacted bristles to pack in lots of product and apply your contour with just a stroke. I do find though that I prefer my usual Mac Large Contour for this, as I find it blends the shades just a little easier into my cheek hollows, but I like to apply the product onto my cheeks first with the 301. 
The 100 Arched Powder brush is gorgeous and super soft, but again I’m unsure as to whether I prefer the Real Techniques Powder brush. The domed shape of the powder brush is just a little easier for throwing on bronzer, but if you’re after a more precise application of bronzer, then the new 100 brush is a more luxe alternative. And as for the other two eye brushes, the 201 pointed crease is fantastic for applying crease shades and blending out as it applies, but I find it’s a tad too large for my little eyelids. But the 202 angled liner is a new favourite for wet powder liner application and applying powders to my lower lash line. 
Just to clarify all of that jumble into something legible, my recommendations would be the 202 angled liner, 200 oval shadow and the 300 tapered blush brush, as well as the 301 flat contour if you’re a big fan of contouring and cannot seem to get it right. Otherwise, Im a big fan of the previous RT collection for my foundation and powder applications. But that might just be me.
Have you tried any of the collection yet and which are your favourites?

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