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Coating your Skin in Dragons Blood

Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Range
Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Range

I didn’t know what to expect of this either…

It has taken me months and months to finally get around the reviewing these products, so feel free to give me a slap on the wrist. With skincare I get pretty lazy, in that it takes a lot for me to change my routine. These products have sat facing me on my bathroom shelf for weeks, but because I was unsure as to how they might work for me, I kept putting off trying them out. The dragons blood is an ingredient that comes from the Croton Lechleri tree, and aims to coat the skin to protect it from environmental aggressors. So for us city gals, this is a god send. It’s not an ingredient I have heard a lot about, but the name certainly does make me feel as though it has some magical powers inside it. So what did I think?

The Dragons Blood Cleansing Pads are a celeb favourite, with Milly Mackintosh and Kylie Jenner being reported lovers of this line of products, the pads in particular. I used two pads, one for each side of my face, wiping away any excess makeup left on from the day. I loved how moist and product coated they were, as often these pads can be quite dry and rough to use. The Nip + Fab dragons Blood pads were soft, quilted and really felt as though they were removing all excess nasties. The cool thing about these pads is that they also contain Salicylic and Hyaluronic acids that will helps to cleanse deep into pores whilst hydrating the skin. Plus the dragons blood for protection from the environment and these are a triple threat. With 60 pads inside, I think you’ll probably get a month out of these pads with daily usage and these will be fantastic for carrying around in your travel bag.
The Dragons Blood Plumping Mask is a gel consistency that you add all over your face and neck before waiting ten minutes for results. I used the cleansing pads first, washed off the excess and dryed my face before adding a substantial coating of the plumping mask all over. I left it to work before washing it off after 10 minutes with some warm water and drying my face. It doesnt make your face tingle like some masks do and it isnt too drying either. As it drys on your face, you can feel your skin tightening slightly and the product becomes almost tacky on the skin, but otherwise the sensation is barely noticeable. After washing and drying my face, it felt so smooth and tight but without any real drying sensation. 
The Dragons Blood Plumping Serum is the final step in the three step process. After the cleansing pads and the mask, the serum is applied to the skin as a boost of hydration before your morning or nighttime moisturiser. It is a lightweight serum containing hyaluronic acid, surprise surprise, therefore leaving the face feeling hydrated and plumper. This is meant to be a god send for fine lines and wrinkles, as it plumps and smooths, but in honesty I cant quite give you a verdict on that. Ask me again in five years maybe. After a minute or two, the serum has absorbed into the skin leaving it smooth and refreshed and perfect for moisturiser to be added above. I’m going to keep using this in the evenings and see whether it takes the place of my expensive Clinique Serum. Yet for those on more of a budget, this is definitely a great contender.

If I was to choose a favourite, I honestly don’t know which I would choose. As a three step regime, I feel it works really well, with a cleanser, intense cleansing and plumping mask and a final hydration step. I feel I may get a lot of use out of the pads as a final step in my makeup removal, yet the serum could become a part of my nightime regime quite easily. And then again, I do use masks every two weeks or so, and I feel due to the ease of this one, it may be the one I reach for the most.

What do you all think? Have you used any of these? Got a favourite?

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