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New Beginnings: Life in London

Inthefrow London Flat

Ive had quite a few calls for flat sneaky peeks, and I aim to please…

I will definitely be filming a flat tour video really soon, as soon as Alex is here to hold the camera for me in fact, so keep your eyes on my Youtube channel for that.
I settled in within about 24 hours actually. I don’t like to hang around, especially as I hate mess and things being out of place, so the sooner I could unpack and flatten the cardboard, the better. I could not believe how much ‘stuff’ I had accumulated over the last 8 years of living from home in Manchester. Kitchenware and shoes was definitely the biggie, and I really struggled downsizing even before I packed up the boxes. I took so so many bags to the RSPCA charity store in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, as its the best way to get rid of unwanted clothes that are still in amazing condition, plus it makes you feel so good afterwards. Plus it helped me downsize by three huge bags of clothing and shoes, which definitely helped a little. I just didn’t have the time to Depop, but I still have some items on there if you’re interested in some cheap bargains! 
The one thing about this flat is that it takes three flights of stairs to get up here, and there is no lift. Not too bad for every day, but for moving around 35 boxes and four huge pieces of furniture, it wasnt the greatest. We were all sweating and tired after about 5 boxes and I can still barely walk 3 days later, due to my calves taking the brunt of the climbing. But I’m in, and I’m unpacked and I’ve already filmed two videos. My Soak and Sleep initialed towels (yes I got them initialed) in egyptian cotton are hung up in the bathroom ready for Alex’s arrival. I’ve already received some beautiful lilys and roses to place in my Rob Ryan vase that Alex bought me for Christmas, from my lovely friends at Rains, and my office is set up ready to work. I also have a set of green apple bon bons to get through, from the lovely estate agents who went to the ends of the earth to help me move in here on time – turns out moving into a flat when youre self-employed is rather tricky. I highly recommend Greene and Co estate agents if youre looking in the West Hampstead/Kilburn area, theyre really lovely and approachable, and I couldn’t be happier!
I will be working from here full time, so I’m so pleased that I feel so at home and cosy already. Alex moves in on the 17th after tying up a few lose ends at his job in Manchester, which he will be continuing with from London, so both of us will be busy home workers. But I’m glad it’ll give us so much more time together, and it means that work time doesn’t become something thats hated by the other partner, as recreational time can follow it, every single evening. I think it’ll bring us so much closer together and I’m so excited to see what the next stage in our relationship will be.
Anyways, sorry for the babbling, I just thought you might like some sneaky peeks. And if you’re wondering, it came furnished, and was a show flat for this building, so it comes with all the pretty extras which I love. I just then filled it up with all of my possessions and made it more homely. I live about 10 minutes walk from the West Hampstead high street, in North West London, very close to the centre, Camden, Maida Vale, Nottinghill and Marylebone, to see some close relatives. So I could not be happier! 
I’m feeling mixed feelings towards my blog at the moment, as I feel lots of changes are happening right now, and I want to make sure Inthefrow keeps up.  I feel like I have personally changed slightly in the last few days, almost that I’ve grown up and I’m starting to see where my life is headed, and I want to illustrate that within this blog. So hopefully things will only get more and more exciting and interesting to read from now on, but if you have any ideas for what you would love to read more of, what I should do less of or which types of posts you prefer, please do let me know as I’d love your input.
Speak to ya soon!

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