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Getting Motivated to Restart the Gym

I hate to be cliche, but new start and all that…

What am I wearing?

All clothing from Boohoo
Lily Contrast Crop Top
Lizzy Sports Leggings
Samantha Leopard Print Trainer
Kelly Snakeprint Cropped Hoody
I’m sure you all knew this post was coming. The one where I admit my life of food, cake and wine has come to a head and I can no longer carry on being so over-indulgent. Well here it is, and I’m certainly happy to admit I need to make changes. It’s been 9 months since I last worked out. Yep, 9! I was single for a year and decided that working out was my favourite way to let off steam and to make myself feel more confident about potentially meeting someone new; as we all do. But when Alex and I got together, things all got pretty comfortable, apart from my jeans that became the opposite. Most ladies who get together with a new partner, fall into that trap of wining, dining and being told they look amazing at any shape, and after a while it really knocks your motivation to work out, when you feel you don’t *really* need to. And that was me. But, as me and Alex have moved to London and I have a teeny bit more time on my hands, I’m getting back into my routine and working out at home. I’m also considering the gym, as Alex sure does love the weights, and he might help me get my tush in shape. But at least, whether it’s at home or away, I’ll be kitted out in something pretty spesh.
This is a collection from the new boohoo FIT range.  I have actually mixed up two styles with this outfit, but I really love having that pop of green and blue in a cool yet fashionable, workout hoody. The leggings and crop top are a matching set, with the grey and black running through both. They’re simple but really flattering. The fit is perfect for me and the fabric is stretchy whilst still holding you in in all the right places. I also decided to go with some cool leopard print trainers, as they’re perfect for at home workouts and nothing too vigorous. If you’re choosing to go on a run, I wouldn’t recommend buying anything that isn’t a specific running shoe, but for anything else, these are really cute. 
Plus I thought I’d also show you two of my new favourite items that are perfect for gym workouts. The bobble you can see me wearing, the one that looks like a clear telephone cord, that is from Invisibobble, and I’ll be honest I’m a tad obsessed with how cute they are. And the water bottle I’m holding is also a new god send for me and Alex. Inside the Infruition bottle is a container that you add fruit into. You then fill your water bottle up with water, and voila, you got yourself a fruit infused water bottle. Simple yet genius and absolutely perfect for those at the gym who aren’t fans of water. Just throw some limes and lemons in and you can be topping up your electrolites as you workout!

But the thing I love the most about new gym wear, is how it makes me feel towards working out. I find that every time I buy some new active wear, I have a huge urge to get fit and stay fit. So this new range is definitely helping keep me inspired. That and the new Taylor Swift album. Match made in heaven.
What are your new favourite pieces from the boohoo FIT collection?

Thankyou to boohoo for sponsoring this blog post and getting me gym motivated again!

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