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Best Beard Care Products for the Bearded Male

Because its still all about the beards. I don’t care what anybody says…

Continuing with some of the male posts I keep throwing out there, I wanted to get this posted after holding off for weeks. Men and beards have been a combination that a lot of us women, and the press, have been loving for over a year now. There’s something so cool and rugged about a guy with a beard and a cool sense of style. Whilst Alex doesn’t have that slicked back hair style that a lot of the beard wearing hunks have been sporting of recent months, he can still rock a beard pretty darn well, so I thought I’d let you in on some of his beard care tips. 
Seeing as I am a beauty blogger amongst other genres, it has come to the point where Alex likes to use products just as much as I do. So it was only a matter of time before he became interested in using new beard specific products to keep his face in line. So for Christmas, I helped him out and got him a few new hair helpers.

Favourite Products

All from Poised 

King of Shaves Shaver
Beardsley Conditioner
Beardsley Shampoo
Capt Fawcett Oil

So, seeing as I can’t review these for you, I’ll let you in on Alex’s verdict…
The shaver he uses for lining up and trimming the beard around his neckline and side burns, as it comes with a really sharp edge for lines. It’s not great for actually trimming the beard hair, unless you have stubble, in which case it’s perfect. But for lining and neatening, this is a fave. 
The shampoo and conditioner are a really luxurious set for the guy who really wants to push the boat out. Most guys might be happy to reach for the Pantene, but in honesty, if your beard is a facial accessory, why not put more time and money into it?! The shampoo again smells amazing, I can vouch for this, in a thick cream that lathers up for an intense clean. Alex uses this twice a week, as it really helps to clean the beard thoroughly, so more than twice a week wouldn’t be that necessary. It really softens and cleanses the hair whilst leaving it feeling nourished, without that dry hair feeling some shampoos can leave. The size of the bottle also means that it will last for some time, so there’s no need to constantly buy and break the bank. One bottle might set you back about £15, but it’ll last you for quite some time. 
The Oil is his favourite of the set, as the smell is amazing and it makes the beard hair super soft, perfect for those with straight facial hair. He uses this after he shampoos and conditions his beard in the shower, adding this for further smoothing, softening and styling. The packaging is also super cool, with the pipette to dispense the product onto you palms before rubbing into the hair. For us ladies, smelling this on your guys face is also a massive winner!
So if you’re a guy looking for some new beard treats, then look no further. Treat yourself if you fancy trying something new. If you’re a lady with a well bearded guy, nice! He might love some of these!

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