Victoria Beckham collaborates with Nails Inc.

Victoria Beckham and Nails Inc
Victoria Beckham and Nails Inc
Victoria Beckham and Nails Inc
Victoria Beckham and Nails Inc
Victoria Beckham and Nails Inc
Victoria Beckham and Nails Inc Swatches

I don’t think I have mentioned before, just how much respect I have for Victoria Beckham. So this collaboration was right up my street..

VB has already taken over the fashion world with her structured dresses and smooth leather totes. Her unique and statement designs have always blown my mind and with her constant determination as a mother and businesswoman, she has become my biggest idol. The way she manages one of the most famous families in the world, whilst always looking immaculate, I couldn’t have more respect for her work ethic.

Victoria has now made her move into the Nail and beauty industry in an exciting collaboration with Nails Inc. With just two shades, Judo Red and Bamboo White, you can  pick up each bottle for £25 or £45 for the two bottle set. Packaged inside a sleek white box with VVB branding, the two polishes sit side by side in their matte monochrome bottles. The judo red is a vibrant orange tone with a high shine finish, whilst bamboo white is a pink toned cream white. For the lady who loves her stand out nails, or the prefers the pale manicured look, theres one to choose from.
Whilst this price point is significantly higher than Nails Inc’s usual offering, a collaboration with VVB doesn’t come around every day, nor does owning a piece of VVB merchandise. A lot of people enjoyed buying into the Louboutin polishes when they were released, although their bottles did have a certain opulence. These are understated but extremely fashionable, and I think they say a lot about Victoria herself. 
This is a fantastic gift for Christmas for the fashion and beauty lover and Im pretty excited about taking off this shellac so I can go Bamboo White for Christmas Day.
Let me know what you think about the new collaboration! Do you think you might indulge?

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