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The Clinique Smart Custom Serum: 12 Week Review

The Clinique Smart Custom Serum: 12 Week Review
The Clinique Smart Custom Serum: 12 Week Review
The Clinique Smart Custom Serum: 12 Week Review
The Clinique Smart Custom Serum: 12 Week Review

The pricey skincare favourite that you may be rather intrigued about, tried and tested for 12 weeks..

What do we have here?

The Clinique Smart Custom Serum 30ml

Scanning through my draft posts, I cant believe it has taken me this long to write up a full review of this product. It has become my favourite skincare product, honestly. Albeit very pricey and probably far too much for many people to agree to spend on skincare, but if you’re a skincare lover, as I know some of you are, I still thought you may be interested in reading a full review after a good 12 weeks of testing. Especially this time of year, you may be able to find it in a gift set perhaps for a little less money, in fact I found one for you below, or perhaps you could ask for it as a Christmas gift. But anyway, it has become the product that I look forward to applying every evening.
You are supposed to apply this morning and night to your skin, massaging the serum into your face and neck before applying any further products. It is smart in the way that it apparently knows your skin and the imperfections it needs to help with, either lines, wrinkles, dark circles or pigmentation, whilst also boosting radiance. I realise that my skin is not at an age where perhaps it needs so  much help, Im only 25, yet I love skincare and it’s always better to start early. 
I told you in a recent post that I loved this product and that I was going to keep trying it for a few weeks before coming back and giving a true verdict. Well, here I am. You are supposed to use the Clinique Smart Serum for at least 12 weeks before noticing a difference and I would personally say it has taken around 10 weeks for me and that is with evening applications only. This is the product I apply before bed, before the Carmex and the hand cream goes on, and I absolutely love it. My skin feels so unbelievably smooth, excluding a few spots that have sprung up recently due to too much work, but otherwise the surface of my skin has never felt so beautiful. Even my boyfriend commented on just how smooth it felt recently and I can tell a lot of improvements have been made. It feels fresher, brighter, smoother and softer and my under eye circles also seem to be improving.

It is such a luxury to apply, in a gel/cream hybrid that glides so smoothly and softly onto the skin and immediately refreshing. That is why I enjoy applying it every evening, after the face wash and the cleanser and the make up remover and my skin is tight and dry and angry. Applying this just feels like Im applying a refreshing masque and I wake up with a refreshed and hydrated face.

In honesty, I really do recommend this product. It’s pricey as I say, at £110 for 100ml, £68 for 50ml or £48 for 30ml, yup its pricey. But if you pick it up in the gift set, you can try out a few products from the range and give this a try whilst you’re at it. You may need to buy a further two 30ml bottles to last you 12 weeks, but if you really feel your skin needs some big changes, then it might be worth investing and seeing how you feel. I truly love this scientific little product and I know that the fact I will miss having this in my night time routine will spur me to go out and buy even more.

Let me know if you’ve tried this and how you feel. It would be great to get a discussion and some opinions on this for others to see further reviews. 

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