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Shu Uemura Art of Hair Collection Favourites

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Collection Favourites
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Collection Favourites Color Lustre
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Collection Favourites
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Collection Favourites color lustre masque

I just got out of the shower, dryed my hair and here I am to tell you why these products are changing my (hair) life..

True story though. I’ve just put away my hair drier and sat in bed ready to tell you all about these absolute treats. I really dont mean to rave so much about products on here, maybe I need to create some sort of star rating system where I can actually give a much better impression of how much I love a product, but for now, we’ll stick to what we know. But let me tell you, hair care just got ridiculous.
There are seven products above and I just used five. I used the same five products last week when I washed my hair too, and the overall finish is just as wowzas. So let me tell you how I use them and what they do. 


I shampooed my hair as normal. Either with the Tigi Headshot or the Paul Mitchell Super Strong, both are incredible and clean your hair up real good. Then, I took about a two pound coin size of the Shusu Sleek Smoothing Conditioner. This smells a little like Armani Diamonds, with that masculine yet amazingly perfumed fragrance. I run it over the lengths of my hair avoiding the roots. After massaging in for about 30 seconds, I rinse away the product. The point is just to smooth down the hairs that were upset during the vigorous shampooing process and this really does smooth the hair to a silk consistency and feels lightweight after rinsing away. Then, potentially the piece de resistance here, I apply the Color Lustre masque. This bad boy looks as though its hiding millions of tiny diamonds, as when you open its lid, the creamy viscous product looks almost luminescent and shimmery. I grab a tiny handful, literally just pinching a chunk with my fingertips to then run all over my lengths and nearer to the roots, without touching the scalp. I leave it on for a few minutes whilst I carry on with washing, before rinsing away completely. Washing, done. The hair smells incredible and feels like silk.


Then onto styling. I use the Ample Angora volumising foam, spritizing the product into my palm until I have about the size of a tennis ball in foam, and boy does this foam expand. I run it between both hands, throw my hair upside down and run my hands mainly through the roots of my hair again without touching the actual scalp. The idea is to add volume around your roots without actually touching them. Any product left over on my hands I twist through the lengths and ends. Then I add the Fiber lift Protective Volumiser, a gel product this time. I apply a 20p amount to my fingertips and disperse through the root area but then mostly onto the lengths to thicken and add shine. To finish, I add about a 20p piece of the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue nourishing oil to my fingertips and then massage this into the very ends of my hair. This combination of volumising, nourishing and thickening is absolutely perfect for my hair. After drying, the hair feels so lightweight, clean, thick, full of body and not to mention smells beautiful. These five products together seem to be my current winning formula. 

Serums and Sprays

But there are two products I haven’t mentioned yet. The first being the Directional Fixing Spray. Hairsprays in pumps rather than spray cans have far stronger hold and this will set your hair like rock if you spritz enough into it. It has amazing hold that will last all day, not to mention I love the bottle it comes in. And finally, the Ultimate Remedy Serum. This can be used after washing as a leave in treatment for ultimate damage control. It just helps with some much needed TLC, repairing, strengthening and softening and I could have easily used this today, but I must admit I got so caught up with the other products I entirely forgot. But I have used it, and again it didn’t disappoint. 

Love or Leave?

Lets just say, not one of these products has disappointed me. They do exactly what they state they will do and do it exceedingly well. The packaging is brilliant and the products inside are such luxuries. My winners here would be the Ample Angora foam, the Fixing Spray and the Color Lustre masque, as those three are really fantastic. Oh and maybe also the conditioner. Would I buy them again? The Ample Angora Foam and the Color Lustre Masque, definitely. The others I would buy if I had a little extra cash lying around and needed to top up my collection, as they are rather on the pricey side. Yet the bottle sizes are fairly generous and good haircare really does cost, so Im happy to invest. This is definitely a hair brand not to be missed. I’m totally wowed and I hope you will be too!
Have you tried Shu Uemura Art of Hair? Did you love it just as much as I?

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