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The Vibrant Cosmetics from Sweetpea & Fay

sweetpea and fay cosmetics
sweetpea and fay cosmetics
sweetpea and fay cosmetics
sweetpea and fay cosmetics
sweetpea and fay cosmetics

Sweet and colourful and not what I expected..

Sweetpea and Fay Blushes in Amnesia, Marrow and Shangri-La
Sweetpea and Fay Liquid Lipsticks in Ranunculus, Cordelia and Imogen

Unpacking these little cuties from the parcel, I must admit the packaging made me feel slightly dubious. I have seen so many lip products especially, in these little tubes, and they have always been pretty awful. Yet there was something about the vibrancy of the colours inside that still gave me hope that they may be something special. As you can see from the swatch, the colours are super pigmented, bright and quite thick in consistency, almost like paints. They can be applied generously or sparingly depending on the look you’re going for, and you only need to have a peek at the website to see their huge selection of opaque liquid colours. I loved the consistency and shade of this liquid, applied in Imogen over lip balm in the images above, adding a more sophisticated baby pink. The bright purple, Cordelia, is also absolutely ermazing and great for a very statement lip look whilst Amesia is a brilliant nude beige. 
Moving onto the blushes, whilst the website gives the impression that these are full powder blushes with just a screw lid to contain, they do in fact have a filter lid to the top, so you’re able to sweep your brush over the filter to gather enough product. Above I am lightly wearing Marrow to the cheeks. Again, they’re pigmented and bright, yet can be added sparingly to build up a subtle colour. These three were made for me, as they’re the exact types of colours that I continuously buy. Baby pinks, peaches and corals. And again, there are so many shades to choose from. Do I smell a Limecrime dupe?

So this gets a big thumbs up from me, although the fact they’re only sold in America, Aus and NZ is a big shame. Great for you guys across the ponds though!


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