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Mac Whirl, Honeylove and Melon and Rose Sized to Go Pigments

mac whirl lipliner mac honeylove lipstick mac sized to go pigments in rose and melon
mac whirl lipliner mac honeylove lipstick mac sized to go pigments in rose and melon
mac whirl lipliner
mac whirl lipliner mac honeylove lipstick

I found Whirl Lipliner and I’m in love..

Ive been on the Mac Whirl Lipliner hunt for quite some time, and I’d bet money on you knowing someone else that has too. After the world was told that this is the actual lipliner that Kylie Jenner uses to get her signature nude beige lips, we all went a little bit barmy trying to buy it. Mac stores were sold out, there were absolutely none available online and I was left hopelessly wishing I had jumped on the bandwagon sooner. But it turns out that the hype has dyed down and whilst in Hollywood last week, a general trip into a Mac store helped me to finally get my hands on this famous little liner. Whilst I love the Soar pencil, I’ll admit this is slightly better for the nude lip look. Just a tad more pinker in tone and a ‘my lips but better’ shade. I apply it as a liner and then fill in the remainder of my lips with this, as it holds lipstick colours so much  better this way. If youre in the US you can pick up Whirl lipliner at Nordstrom, but if you’re in the UK, keep trying Selfridges or go for Spice or Soar liners instead. 
Over the top, Ive then been applying Mac Honeylove lipstick. Again, an apparent choice of Kylie Jenner’s for a final lip coating, and if not, its a damn good dupe. This is more of a nude with brown and beige tones and looks perfect for the 90’s lip look. The past few days and events I have been wearing this constantly. It just makes me feel so much more sophisticated and confident. 
As for those two little ‘Sized to Go‘ pigments you can see above, I have not yet had the pleasure of using those, yet felt I needed to show you how cute they are. I thought they may have just been an American thing, as I had never seen tiny pigments before, yet according to the Selfridges site, these are available to buy. I bought the shade Rose and Melon and thought that for some Christmas eye looks, these would be absolutely beautiful.  I have used the Vanilla pigment before and the way it makes your eyes sparkle is something else. So these two will look wonderful for some new eye looks Ive been thinking about. You can buy it below from that image that says ‘No Image.’ How annoying when the Internet doesn’t work the way it should. I assure you, that goes straight to Selfridges where you can buy it.
What pieces from Mac have you been lusting over for Xmas?

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