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How to Style Curly Hair Four Ways

I havent filmed or spoken about hair routines or tutorials for a while, so Im excited to get some hair inspo onto Inthefrow! Watch the video for an indepth tutorial but if you cant be bothered to click play, Ive listed a little bit of routine info below for each of the four styles. These are all styles that I wear when Im feeling it, and at the moment I am definitely feeling curls! All of these styles were done using the Whitney Marie Hair Tools 5 in 1 Curling Wand which I honesty didn’t realise I would love this much. I have never been able to get such perfect looking curls, ever. And I mean ever. The way that they curls so cylindrically with such shine, I have never been able to achieve that before. The curls stay in for days and days, even after continuous brushing and you can create so many types of curls with the variations of wands. After using 5 in 1 type products before, their awful quality made me dubious that this would work that well. When actually, this is better than some of the barrels that I own and love. Absolutely winner for me now and this would be an awesome Christmas gift!

The Big Curly Hairstyle

curly purple hair
Using the largest curling barrel from the set, curl your hair in sections. Section off the top half of your hair and secure with a large clip on the top of your head, out of the way. Then, take sections of hair around 1.5 inches in thickness. Take the barrel behind the hair and wrap the hair backwards onto the wand starting at the base of the wand, winding around to the tip. Hold the very end of your hair in place with your fingers and with a spare little finger, feel your hair on the wand for heat. When you feel the hair is hot enough and you have held it for around 5-8 seconds, let the hair slip from the barrel onto your open palm, with the barrel pointing downwards. This means that the hair will fall perfectly from the barrel and remain in their curl. Repeat all over the hair and allow to cool. For the right hand side of your head, hold the wand in your left hand, for the left side of your head, hold the wand in your right hand, always pointing towards the floor, applying the section of hair nearest to your head to the bottom and infront of the barrel, before twisting to the tip. 

The Low Messy Side Bun

curly low side bun hairstyle
This is a big favourite of mine. After curling the hair, it will have a messyness and irregularity about it that saves this low side bun looking too formal. Using your hands, gather your hair behind you and to one side of your head. Using your fingers, twist all of the hair together into one twisted strand, the way you would twiddle your hair when you get bored and daydream. When it is all twisted together and feels tight towards your head, then begin to wrap the twisted hair round into a bun shape. Hold it in place whilst you secure with a bobble. You can also secure in place with bobby pins and clear up any stray or curly section that may fall out, although I prefer to let them curl away and make this look messier. Be sure to work with volumising your roots when you do this, making sure you get a little bit of root lift rather than your hair being super tight to your head. Just keep using your palms to push the hair from your roots to add some lift.

The ‘Half Up Half Down’ Curls

half up half down hairstyle with purple curls
This is a school girl fave, and rightly so, it gets our pesky fringes and strays out of our eyes when were working. Use just your fingers to scrape back a section of hair,  I often draw an invisible line from the tip of my eyebrows, backwards to my hairline and scrape back from there. But do whatever suits you best. Scrape backwards to around half way across your scalp. section that piece of hair, neaten with your fingers by brushing it back and then secure with a clear elastic band. You can find these in Claire accessories for about £2 and you’ll never stop using them. Then just pull the elastic tighter to secure, pulling either side of the hair outwards and moving the band forwards or backwards depending on where you want it to sit. I like mine to sit quite far forward and almost fall on either side of my head. 

The High Pony Tail

curly high ponytail purple hair
Finally, for those days when you’d like it out of your face, or, you’re going out wearing your favourite chunky scarf and high collar jacket, throw your curly locks into the cutest high pony. For this I brushed out the curls, to give them more volume. I then scraped back my hair using my fingers and kept manoeuvring it up onto the top of my hair until it reached a position I liked. I then secured with a bobble and pulled my hair outwards to tighten. Use your hands to pull the hair out of the bobble at the front very slightly to add a touch of volume and to get rid of that pulled back look. And voila. Four easy hairstyles with curls!
Which was your favourite?

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