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Cleansing and Hydration from Hydraluron and Claudia Louch

 Indeed Labs Hydraluron
 Indeed Labs Hydraluron

Two of my favourites from the past three months…

When every blogger jumped onto the Hydraluron band wagon last year, in honesty, I wasn’t all too sure what they were talking about. Hyaluronic acid wasn’t something I had come across before, and sounded like a chemical that could take the skin right off of your face. As it happens, Hyaluronic acid is found within our skin, generally within the collagen, meaning that the more Hyaluronic acid present in your skin, the more youthful, plumped and moisturised it may seem. Hyaluronic acid retains over a 1000 times its weight in water, which means that applying it to your skin, specifically your face, is going to help soften, reduce wrinkles, plump the skin and moisturise better than most other products. So Im sure it is on your radar already. 
Hydraluron from Indeed Labs can be found in Boots alongside a few other similar products, but it was this blogger favourite that caught my eye. The product is a moisture boosting serum that has been proven to boost moisture levels in the skin with daily use. It contains a pure form of the acid and alongside Red Marine Algae, helps to quickly deliver the hydration straight to the skin. I have become obsessed with adding these sorts of serums underneath my moisturiser, as the first thing I apply in the morning. Just a pea sized amount, massaged all over the face, then you can apply moisturiser over the top, so this starts where your moisturiser stops. I have just noticed my skin looks firmer, plumper and just generally more smooth and hydrated. I havent suffered with any dry skin for quite a while now, and Im sure this is definitely one of the reasons. I love it and its something I will continue to keep picking up, as serums are a product I can no longer live without.
I also thought I would mention the Claudia Louch Botanical Cleansing Lotion. At £37.50, you may think this is a rather pricey splurge, yet natural and hypoallergenic skincare is on the pricier side if you’re looking for absolute quality sometimes. This is a cleansing lotion, to be used all over the face to brighten and remove any impurities, and in honesty I use this more as a face wash. With my other cleansers, I add them to cotton pads and wipe away dirt, but with this, I find myself using this as my final face wash after Ive removed makeup and need a final refresh. I wet my face and then begin to massage some of this into the skin. It just feels like a smooth refreshing cream, theres no exfoliation with this, but I find that especially in a morning, this wakes me up, smells of a subtle rose fragrance and is just one of those luxuries that you fall for. Would I buy it again at this price, honestly, probably not. It is wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoy using it, so much so that Ill be disappointed when I come to the end of it, but I do feel other cleansers could do a similar job for a little less cash. 

What skincare products are you absolutely loving right now? Are there any new reviews youd like to see?

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