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By Terry Baume De Rose and Hydra Toner

By Terry Baume De Rose
By Terry Baume De Rose By Terry Cellular Rose Hydra Toner
By Terry Cellular Rose Hydra Toner

By Terry makes its first appearance on Inthefrow. So, what did I think?.

What are we talking about?

By Terry Baume De Rose
By Terry Cellular Rose Hydra Toner

Lets start with Baume de Rose. £35 for a lip balm, you say? Expensive, unnecessary and a tad ridiculous, you may think, but actually, I may be rather smitten with this little tub of rose. When I first tried it, I wasn’t sure of the fuss. Why was this little pot worth £35 and why did so many rave about it? It was only after using it a few more times that I started to work with it in a way that brought out its finer points. I found that after applying foundation, nudeing out my lips as I always do, and applying a full face of makeup, I began trying this over the nude lips. Using my finger to dab it into the lips, I started to notice the difference. The rose shade is subtle yet so pretty, and adds a nude pink flush and shine. I described it recently in a video, referring to the way that models lips look in magazines, when theyre nude, plumped but with a high shine and hydrated look. That is exactly it. Your lips look plumper, hydrated and kissable and the pink stain is wonderful. Perfect for adding to your lips on the go to keep them moisturised and nude pink. Lets just say this is now in my handbag makeup bag, and only the greats make it across the handbag threshold. Ill be honest, this doesn’t turn your lips from cracked to juicy within twenty minutes like good old Carmex can do, but used throughout the day, your lips will be super smooth and shiny. This is definitely a luxury and one you dont technically need, but Ill admit Im totally sucked into this hype now and Ill be rather eager to buy another when this runs out.
And talking about needing and wanting and unnecessary purchases, lets move to the toner. Again, a luxury product that can make your skincare routine a total dream. This does work magic and you can feel your skin tightening with how fresh and cleansing this product is. Yet in all honesty, I’m not much of a toner girl. Washing, cleansing and moisturising are my three usual steps and I feel toning is something that not everyone needs to buy into. Its an extra step that I find just doesnt make much difference for me. Your face will begin to feel fresher, cleansed and toned as a consequence of using this, it really will, but is it worth spending £40 on? Perhaps not. It’s another luxury for those who love to buy lovely skincare, but would I buy it again? ‘Ill be honest and say no. Like I said, I’m not a toner gal, but if I was, I know I would be all over this. A wonderful product, for those that can splurge and love their skincare routines. 
So out of the two, if you’re looking to indulge in By Terry, Baume de Rose is a cult favourite now for a reason and is a balm that works as an everyday lip sheen. It may become part of your routine, as it has become a part of mine, and the amount of product inside this, it really will last you a rather considerable amount of time. Let me know if you decide to take the plunge!

Where can I buy them?

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