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The Workstation of Dreams

I have been desperate for a work space for years. Somewhere to put on my makeup and write to my hearts content. And finally I have my beautiful desk for all those things..

White and Natural Wood Handmade Desk

I wanted something unique, clean, retro style and natural, that didn’t come wrapped in a flat packed box. I love Ikea, but when everyone has the same desk to work on, it all gets a little dull. Plus, all of the desks I saw elsewhere were either too large, too thin or just not right for what I needed. I wanted a work space to carry my 27 inch iMac, as well as having enough room for a makeup station, including drawers to house all of said makeup. So after working out the dimensions I needed, I drafted up my dream desk, and incredibly, Tontine Wood Design were able to make it for me. The three drawer desk is about 59″ long, 23″ wide and 32″ tall. As you can see, it roomily fits my iMac as well as some pretty vases and candles, my makeup brushes and mirror, whilst all of my makeup, and I actually mean all of it, (thanks heavens) fits perfectly inside the drawers. Its beyond perfect.

I had to show it to you, as I’m sure there are some of you out there, looking for a great place to do your work. Whether you bring work home with you to finish off, or whether you’re a part time or full time blogger, sitting on your bed to work just doesn’t cut it, and lets be honest, its not great for your back. So, I’m just so pleased to finally have somewhere amazing to work at. For the amount of work Tontine Wood Design have put into this desk, it is worth far far more than £250. In Next or somewhere else that rush generic desks and furniture to the masses, you will be paying much much more. Yes, Ikea may be a tad cheaper, but its not even slightly unique. This desk I will literally keep now for the rest of my life, honestly. So when I bought this, the price didn’t even phase me. Its absolutely beautiful and is great for what I need. Also, if you wanted this desk but in smaller dimensions or slightly customised, TWD can make it up the way you like, you’ll just have to let them know. They’re a family run business from Wigan near Manchester, and I personally would love to support more small businesses like this who are making some incredible, handmade pieces. If you’re worried about delivery, TWD organised a van driver to bring this to me for £40, probably a little extra for London, but again that’s cheaper than the £100 flat rate delivery costs from other furniture companies. Sorry, I don’t mean to go on, but I just adore this so much, I could not be happier. All I need to do now is buy a beautiful chair to go with it!


And if you were wondering, yes, a makeup tour and desk tour will be coming VERY soon. Oh, and also a blogger kit post, to keep you up to speed with some tools you might like to know about, that make blogging life so much easier. So wait for those! Leave me some comments letting me know what you think!


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This post was not sponsored and this item was not gifted to me. I paid full price for this beautiful piece of furniture and I love it to pieces.

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