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The Luxe Instagram Business Cards

Well look at me all professional! I thought it was about time I got myself organised and got some business cards together for those important people I bump into…

Moo Square Luxe Business Cards 

I spent a few hours putting some ideas together. I wanted my cards to mimic my instagram, with small emoticons alongside my information. Really modern, up to date and very me. I am on Instagram so often, so I wanted my cards to represent something I’m really into. So, on the back of my cards I designed an Instagram style list of email addresses, web address and so on, whilst on the front, I wanted to continue the theme. I chose a photo of myself with big purple curls, which I’m most known for now apparently, and designed the Instagram heart over the top, so it looks as though someone has just clicked to like the photo on Instagram. It might seem simple, but I loved it, so thats what I went for. Then of course, to keep it all relative, I went for square business cards which are new to Moo. I also went for the Luxe paper, which is a thick card, so the business cards are much more sturdy and unique. I love them. They definitely stand out from the other rectangular, thin paper cards I have stacked in my drawer.
Plus, Moo are bringing out actual Instagram cards, so I also went with a pack of those (because I’m a bit of a fan). You can choose up to 50 images from your Instagram feed, upload them onto Moo, and you will be sent 50 business cards, all with a unique photo on the front. It just makes for cool conversation, when you’re handing over your business cards, and the other person gets to choose the picture they like the most. Its unique and customisable and I’ll be honest, my business cards are just better than the majority. 
So, if you’re looking for a spruce of your old cards, Moo have always been a brand I look to first when it comes to business cards, and it seems they’re staying firmly ahead of the game.
Whaddya think?!

 photo victoriasignature_zpsd29616f2.png




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