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The Eve Lom Cleanser and Hydration Serum

I’ve had my eye on Eve Lom for a very long time, so shame on me for not getting them onto Inthefrow sooner. Cleansers step aside..

Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum
Eve Lom Cleanser

Im going to start off by saying, these products are not your low prices skincare products. Very much far from it. The serum is £75 whilst the 100ml cleanser is £55, and you thought that Liz Earle was expensive. However, I feel I need to make a case for these two and the brand as the whole, as I’ll be honest, I’ve been sucked in; hook, line and sinker. The products are glorious and for those who are happy to spend a little more on skincare, then feast your eyes on something you should turn your gaze towards. For others, Christmas is just around the corner and there may even be offers on, so don’t write it off just yet.
The cleanser is oil based and a viscous, petroleum jelly textured balm. You take a small amount of product from the tub onto your fingers, and gently massage it onto your dry face. The product melts on body temperature and works into the skin so softly, it almost gives you the sensation that is is melting the makeup off of your face. After a lovely massage for a minute or so, you can then take the muslin cloth supplied, run it under warm water, rinse the cloth and then begin to gently exfoliate the skin, removing the product and make up with it. It is a beautiful sensation and a routine that leaves your skin clean and unclogged, radiant and smoother. I’ve always been curious about this and I am happy to report, its as fantastic as you probably might imagine. Vogue have described it as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’ and at this point, I wouldn’t disagree with that analogy too much. It is suitable to all skin types and contains a blend of four aromatic plant oils, so it has that clean and herbal scent that you associate with luxury skincare.
Moving onto the serum, this little pot of hydration comes with a pipette that takes in the product before you can dispense it onto your fingers. Rub your fingers together before applying onto your clean skin, massaging the product around the areas of the face. I am absolutely in love with serums now, after never even bothering to buy them before. But after recently trying Hydraluron, it became a must in my routine and is now the first product I apply in the morning. Yet, because I now love serums, of course that means I need to test out the serum market, and this little gem from Eve Lom looked a little too good to miss. 
There is a huge crave for products with Hyaluronic Acid at the moment in the beauty business, as the product that can smooth, plump and hydrate the skin. We already have it within the body, but with age it begins to deplete. Hence why everything now appears to contain this elixir of plumped skin, and I too am craving ultra hydration. This product is said to increase the skins moisture by up to 20% in just two hours, due to the concentrate of hyaluronic acid it contains. It is absorbed into the skin almost immediately, plumps and smooths and eases fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re a lady that loves skincare, I would certainly recommend investing in a serum contain HA, as it really does wonders for the skin. If you have a little extra money, then this is an absolute luxury for underneath your makeup, or for applying on no make up days for a skin boost. But I must say, I am also a huge fan of Hydraluron which is a third of the price, so its absolutely up to you which you indulge in. But for the moment, I am absolutely adoring both of these every time I use them.
Any Eve Lom fans around?

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