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The Brilliant Guestroom

Recently I was asked to offer my creative interior ideas, to come up with the perfect hotel guestroom for the social media savvy traveller. And I need your votes!

Vote for my guestroom!
So myself and four other creatives in the sports, tech, business and restaurant sectors have gone head to head, creating a hotel guestroom fit for our Gen Y ‘Tribe.’ I was asked to help out, due to being a bit of a social lover. I spend a lot of time on my phone, texting, instagramming and tweeting, and so do a lot of people my age, or in my Tribe. Marriott Hotels wanted to know, how can we build the perfect room for this sort of person and what would it include. So over a few hours, myself and the creative team at Marriott Hotels brainstormed a multitude of ideas to come up with what I was envisaging. A fresh, bright, creative space, with a large desk and iMac for working or blogging, a huge bed with a fairy lit backboard for amazing selfies and a dress hanging wall. I also love that above the sitting area, two softboxes are built into the ceiling, so for any Youtubers out there, they have a built in studio, ready to be tucked back into the ceiling when its not needed. Plus, did you see the outside hammock and covered over balcony?! My ideas were drawn up and made into the amazing 3D guestroom above! If you go onto the website, you can take a little 3D virtual tour around it too! Cool, huh?!
The idea with this campaign is that you can go along to the Marriott Hotel’s Travel Brilliantly website and vote for elements of each of the five rooms in the competition. This means that if you dont like a particular element of one room, but you love the rest of it, you can take ideas from each and make your own special room. However, I would love your votes, so if you go along to the page here and vote for my alternative room elements (Im the fifth of the five ideas layed out for each section), my room concept might be in with a chance of winning. The winning room gets made up and showcased in Westfield from 27th October, and will inspire future innovation with Marriott. Plus, for voting, you can win yourself a luxury trip to Istanbul, Turkey, so its definitely worth a shot!
What do you think of my #brilliantguestroom??

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