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The Boost of Vitamin C for the Winter

The sun is making its way underneath the autumn clouds and winter is around the corner, so our skin is crying out for a boost..

Vitamin C Skin Reviver
Vitamin C Radiance Powder Mix
Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz

I have used the Body Shop Vitamin C range for so long, and I’d be surprised if I haven’t reviewed one of these products a long time ago. But after having them on my dressing table for the past few months, I felt it was about time I wrote about why I did or didn’t like them.
The spritz is an instant boost. Unlike the Vitamin E face spritz, that I use and love dearly, this is a slightly more oily texture that really adds moisture back into the skin. It’s lovely to add this over your moisturiser in the morning, before you apply your makeup, so your base is hydrated and plumped. I really love these sorts of products, that are so easy to use and can be applied in seconds and I especially like taking this away on holiday with me for when my skin is crying out for some moisture. Or for those no make up days where your skin is feeling a tad dry and tight, spritz this on and go.
If you’re after something that is even more direct on the skin though, the skin reviver is a product I used religiously from the age of 16-18, and sporadically since. It is a brilliant priming product that leaves a silky texture for makeup application. It also smells fantastic, just bright citrus oranges that really brighten up your day. This just adds a boost and radiance back into the skin and for those thicker foundations, this makes application a total breeze. Watch the video above to hear me going on about how much I love this for the Body Shop. Its a mega favourite and one I have raved about for years. Although, I feel I have improved my video filming 100% since filming this video, so I wish I could do an updated version, but hey ho, there it is.
The last product I have used recently though is the radiance powder mix. A product unlike any I have tried before, where you mix a powder with a serum on opening, so that the serum is fresh and newly mixed. It really intrigued me, so I gave it a go for a few days, as you’re supposed to use it for ten days consecutively before you throw it away, hence the freshness. Yet, after a few days, I admit I got a little lazy, and it wasn’t showing me any amazing immediate results, so I put it to one side. So in honesty, if you’re after radiance and a beautiful bright citrus product, I would recommend the reviver and then the spritz as an alternative.
Sometimes products can go a little far in creating something unique and unusual, when the original products will stand the test of time.
Have you tried anything from this range? Which was your favourite?

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