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My Passion for Blogging: Live in Levis

This month marks the second birthday of my biggest passion, Inthefrow. My beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog and the home to my corner of the Internet.

If you had told me years ago that I might end up writing and editing a style blog, I probably would have asked you to explain the concept to me. I don’t know why it took me so long to cotton on to the fact that the Internet was become an extremely personal and friendly place, filled with real people talking about their real lives. As soon as I dove into the Internet pool though, I was totally hooked and two and a bit years later, here I am.

To say that blogging is my biggest passion would be an understatement. I live and breathe this blog. Day in and day out I write, photograph, edit and spend hours of my day blogging or socialising through all of my channels. I love it. Like, really love it. I enjoy every minute I spend working on it, as to publish a new post gives me the biggest sense of satisfaction and ‘job done’. I constantly check up to read your comments or I see how many people have clicked onto the post and read that day, almost to the point of obsessing. And in honesty, I am obsessed. I have been told this numerous times, in both positive and negative comments. But in the same way a young boy is desperate to start playing Fifa on his console after school, or a little girl is waiting by the door to be taken to her next ballet lesson, everyone has something they love and cannot wait to get back to. This is my current obsession and I put my heart into it, because I am just so pleased when you guys read and enjoy it. I have always been a creative person, either through music, dance or art, and now, this is my outlet.
These images sum me up completely. I wanted to take some shots that depict me in everyday life. Whilst I obviously spend a lot of time walking around town with friends, drinking in cafes, eating in restaurants and generally socialising, although I adore doing those things, this is how I usually start every day. I’ll wake up, get changed and sit on my bed for hours, thinking, writing, editing and procrastinating. My bed is my office. All the while, I’m constantly checking my phone for texts, chats, emails, mentions and everything else, which again takes hours out of my day, and I don’t even realise they’re slipping by. Before I head out of the door, I’m back and forth between getting ready, putting on my jacket, finishing off a post, replying to a tweet, texting back my bestie and throwing on some shoes. I don’t just stop and do one thing, it’s go go go with about 50 things at once. But its what I love and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Apart from having all the time in the world.
This day I was head to toe Levis. Their seasonal skinny jeans, iconic graphic tee in grey marl and classic trucker jacket. Comfortable, casual and cool. I love nothing more than wearing a really brilliantly fitted pair of skinny jeans with a loose tee and a denim jacket. It just says, I didn’t make an effort today but I look awesome. Especially with a cute little bag and some ankle boots, a good lipstick and some sunglasses. And to me, the iconic denim brand has always been Levis. The brand has got such a reputation for quality and fit, and with my love of jeans and tees, I could literally live in Levis. I got myself ready, blogged for a while, checked over my phone for even longer, got into my jacket, threw on my bag and I was off to work. I’ll see you later, laptop.

The Live in Levi’s® project invites everyone the world over to contribute their own real-life Levi’s® story using the hashtag #LiveInLevis. This could be an image, or series of images that says it all or a post that gives a bit more depth. See what other people have shared at

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Some of these items may have been sent to me for review. Please see my disclaimer for more information. Compensation was provided by Levi’s via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Levi’s.

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