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Flint + Flint Skincare

Flint + Flint Skincare Lip Hero, Eye Hero, Serum, Glycolic Cleanser

Let me introduce you to a brand you may not be too aware of, but are creating products that rival the big dogs…

Flint+Flint Glycolic Cleanser 

Lets start off with the cleanser, as I’m sure most of us are pretty obsessed with our cleansing routines. The Glycolic cleanser aims to resurface and purify the skin to provide a much clearer complexion and smoother, radiant skin, as you’ll find from most cleansers of this sort. I added this to my wet face, massaging it all over the face before leaving for two minutes, whilst I pottered around the bathroom. After about one minute, I noticed a tingling sensation, nothing too intense but noticeable, as the cleanser was purifying and working its magic, or at least thats what I hope it was doing. I used a hot cloth to wipe away any product left on my face and continued with the regime. The cleanser can be used daily, to remove all traces of makeup and purify the skin each evening, and after using this for a few days continuously, my skin felt clearer, brighter and firmer. With the tingling sensation it provides, I definitely felt like it was working to purify my makeup filled pores and to resurface any nasties. 

Flint+Flint Serum

After the cleanser, the Serum is wonderful to apply. I add about a 20p piece of the product into my hands before massaging the product all over the face and neck. The Serum is like a liquid gel, so it is easy to apply and melts into the skin beautifully. There isnt much scent to the products, other than that distinct skincare scent we are all used to. But I must say I enjoyed using this before bed, to add some hydration and moisturisation. This also helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation and an intense hydration, although those arent things Im desperate for. Yet, it doesnt hurt to start with an excellent skincare regime early, especially as I can be prone to dry skin in winter.

Flint+Flint Eye Hero

The Eye Hero I apply to my undereyes after applying the serum. I use my ring fingers on both hands, to dab a small amount of the product onto the adjacent undereye. It feels refreshing and creamy and sinking into the skin beautifully after around 30 seconds. My skin afterwards felt soft, but other that that, I find it so hard to review eye creams, as I feel you have to use an eye product for literally months to see any difference to your under eyes. For the older generation perhaps, this may be a better option, as it aims to brighten, smooth the eyes and boost collagen, with a focus on deep wrinkles and fine lines. For me, my undereye issue is just lack of sleep and therefore dark circles in the morning, plus I have quite dry skin that really hates to take in any foundation or concealer. But after trying this cream every day for a week, I definitely noticed that my undereye dark circles were reduced. So this has definitely made its way into my everyday routine. 

Flint+Flint Lip Hero

The Lip Hero is a product I didn’t think I would like as much as I did. The first application left me smacking my lips together for a few minutes, just to take in the moisturising texture of the balm. The consistency feels like gel mixed with cream, so the lips feel super hydrated and drenched in moisture. Immediately they feel plumped and fuller, but that just might be me loving it a little too much. The scent and taste (accidentally) is a pretty rose, so much nicer than the hideous taste of Carmex, so that is a bug bonus. Straight away I realised that the Lip Hero would be taking its place as my nighttime lip balm from now on. So long dearest Carmex.

Intrigued? Or do you already use these? How do you find them?

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