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The Dior Forever Foundation and Foundation Brush

Dior Forever Foundation and Foundation Brush

It took me a long time to dabble in Dior foundations. I ask myself the question, why, every day..

Dior Forever Foundation
Dior Foundation Brush
I know if I like a foundation, a lot, if I reach for it in the mornings, or, in times of quick foundation application needs. For example, coming home from work and having to rush out again really soon and needing a quick foundation refresh. Only the best foundations will do for those occasions, as you dont want to be fussing around with a thin and sheer foundation when youre after something brightening with coverage. So as I was saying, the Dior Forever foundation is one of those foundations for me, that I reach for in the morning before work and before a quick foundation top up, as I know the consistency, coverage and colour are all pretty spot on for me. Were not talking full full coverage as from the likes of Laura Mercier Silk Creme or the Tarte Amazonian Clay, but were thinking more Nars Sheer Glow, Rimmel Wake Me Up type standards of viscosity here. I love the colour on me, I have the shade Ivory 010, and although I felt like it would be slightly too cool for me, it does have a mixture of warming yellow tones and some pink tones, so you get both a cool ashiness but then a warming yellow. So for me, I don’t feel too pink toned, which I hate, but it isn’t too yellowing. It sits pretty nicely in the middle and blends with my skintone perfectly. I could wear just this foundation by itself and then bronze up my face to perfection, or a lot of the time, I have found myself mixing this with thicker foundations, to reduce those down and to gain a perfect colour match.
The finish is slightly illuminating yet not dewy. The point of this foundation is more flawless perfection than dewy and illuminating glow, and the finish is definitely more matte. But I’ve really fallen for it, and I think I prefer it to Dior Star, although Star is far more illuminating and radiant and I just bought the wrong shade in that. I think this one if more for those who love flawless coverage without the weight, are more interested in a matte finish but enjoy some brightening, and those that aren’t as bothered about the dewy glow a lot of us crave.
The Dior Foundation brush fast became my tool of choice as soon as I got it. After using a buffing brush to meticulously buff and circulate my foundation around my skin for over a year, I found that painting on my foundation with a specific foundation brush was rather lovely. I add the foundation directly onto the brush and begin to paint it onto my face, going back over sections to blend them in, take away some product, add some more, overall trying to get a flawless finish. The finish is more perfected somehow, as you’re adding more product and not blending as much away. The shape of the brush also enables you to really get into the hairline and creases within the face so you have a full coverage, plus theres something so luxury about this brush design. Yet, I must say that you need to wash this brush out pretty regularly, as when it gets built up with foundation, it becomes saturated and no longer blends the product as easily, leaving you with some brush marks. But wash out your brush, or finish off your foundation by patting the last of the product in with your hands for warmth, or reach for your buffing brush.

Do we have any Dior fans who have loved these? Or do you have any ideas for Dior products I should really try?

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